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Folio 94r
Folio 94r
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and seyde shaƚƚ͵ none mysse do you madam þᵗ to me longis
for I graunte the Chartyrs and to thy cheff͵ maydyns vn
to thy chyldernʹ and to thy chyff͵ men In chambir that͵ to
þᵉ longis ¶ But͵ thy deuke is In daunger my drede ys
þᵉ lesse ¶ But͵ ye shaƚƚ͵ haue lyvelode to leve by as to thyne
astate fallys ¶ Than Arthure sendyth͵ on eche syde wyth͵
sertayne lordis for to cese of͵ þeire sawte for þᵉ cite was yolden
and þerewᵗ þᵉ deuke is eldyst͵ sonne com wᵗ þᵉ keyes & kneled
downe vnto þᵉ kynge and be sought͵ hym of͵ his grace
¶ And þere he cesed þᵉ sawte by assente of͵ his lordis and the
deuke was dressed to douer wᵗ þᵉ kyngɤ dere knyghtɤ. ffor to
dwelle In daunger and dole dayes of͵ his lyff͵ ¶ Than þᵉ
kynge wᵗ his crowne on his hede recouerde þᵉ cite and the
casteƚƚ͵ and þᵉ Captaynes & cōnestabƚys knew hym for lorde
and þere he delyuerde and dalte by fore dyuerse lordis a dowre
for þᵉ deuches and hir chyldryn ¶ Than he made wardēs
to welde aƚƚ͵ þᵗ londis And so In Lorayne & Lūbardy he lodged
as a lorde In his owne and sette lawys In þᵉ londis & (as)& hym
beste lyked ¶ And than at͵ Lammas he yode vnto Lusarne
he sought͵ and lay at͵ his leyser wᵗ lykyngɤ I nowe ¶ Than
he mevys ouer þᵉ mountaynes and doth͵ many meruayles
and so goth͵ In by Godarte that͵ Gareth͵ sone wynnys

Milestone: King Arthur sends Sir Florens and Sir Floridas to conquer Virvyn

¶ Than he lokys in to Lumbardy and on lowde spekyth͵
in yondir lykynge londis as lorde woƚƚ͵ I dwelle sir fflo//
and Sir ffloridas that͵ day passed wᵗ .v.C. good men
of͵ armys vnto þᵉ cite of͵ Virbyn they sought͵ at͵ þᵉ gaynyste
and leyde þere a buysshement͵ as hemʹ beste lykys‧› So þere com
oute of͵ þᵗ cite many hundretthis and skyrmysshed wyth͵
oure fore ryders as hem beste semed. Than broke oute
oure buysshemente and þᵉ brydge wӯnys and so rode
vnto þeire borowys wᵗ baners vp dysplayed There fledde