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Folio 94v
Folio 94v
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much͵ folke oute of͵ nūbir for ferde of͵ Sir fflorence and
his fers knyghtɤ. Than they busked vp a baner a bovynʹ þᵉ
gatis and of͵ Sir fflorence in fayth͵ so fayne were they

Milestone: King Arthur enters city

¶ The kynge than hovyth͵ onʹ an hylle and lokyth͵
to þᵉ wallys and sayde I se be yondir sygne þᵉ cite is wōne
Than he lete make a cry thorow aƚƚ͵ þᵉ oste that͵ vpponʹ
payne of͵ lyff͵ & lӯme and also lesynge of͵ his goodys
þᵗ no lyege man þᵗ longyth͵ to his oste sholde lye be no
maydens ne ladyes noþer no burgessis wyff͵ þᵗ to the cite
longis ¶ So whan this Conquerroᵅ com In to þᵉ cite he pas//
sed in to þᵉ casteƚƚ͵ and þere he lendis and comfortis þᵉ care//
fuƚƚ͵ men wᵗ many knyghtly wordis & made there a
Captayne a knyght͵ of͵ his owne contrey & þᵉ cōmos
accorded þere tyƚƚ͵

Milestone: Reaction of Milan

¶ Whan þᵉ soueraygnes of͵ Myllayne her//
de þᵗ þᵉ cite was wonne they sente vnto kynge Arthure
grete sōmys of͵ Syluer Syxty horsys weƚƚ͵ charged &
be sought͵ hym as souerayne to haue ruthe of͵ þᵉ pepƚe
and seyde they wolde be subgectɤ vntyƚƚ͵ hymʹ for euer
and yelde hymʹ seruyse & sewte surely for hir londys
bothe for Plesaunce and Petresaunte and for þᵉ porte
Trembyƚƚ͵ and so mekly to gyff͵ for Myllayne a mylly//
on of͵ golde and make homage vnto Arthure aƚƚ͵ hir
lyff͵ tymes‧› Than þᵉ kynge by his counceyle a conduyte
hem sendys so to com In and know hym for lorde

Milestone: King Arthur in Tuscany

¶ Thā
in to Tuskayne he turned whanʹ he tyme semed & there
he wynnys towrys and townys fuƚƚ͵ hyȝe and aƚƚ͵ he
wasted in his warrys þere he a way ryddys ¶ Than he
spedys towarde Spolute wᵗ his spedfuƚƚ͵ knyghtys
and so vnto Vyterbe he vytayled his knyghtɤ and to þᵉ
vale of Vysecounte he devysed þere to lygge in þᵗ vertuouse
vale amonge vynys fuƚƚ͵

Milestone: Senators recognise King Arthur as sovereign

¶ And þere he suggeoᵅnys that͵