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Folio 93v
Folio 93v
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a sawte hit͵ was gotyn

Milestone: Return to King Arthur

¶ Than Sir fflorence and sir Gaway//
harborowed surely þeire pepƚe & sytthen turnys to a tente
and tellyth͵ þᵉ kynge aƚƚ͵ þᵉ tale truly þᵗ day how they travay//
led and how his ferse men fare welle aƚƚ͵ and fele of͵ thy
foomen ar brought͵ oute of͵ lyff͵ & many worshypfuƚƚ͵ preso//
ners ar yoldenʹ In to oure handys . But͵ Chastelayne thy
chylde is chopped of͵ þᵉ hede yette slewe he a cheff͵ knyghte
his owne hondys this day

Div: NOw thanked be god sayde þᵉ nobƚe kynge

Milestone: Sir Gawayne presents Priamus to King Arthur

NOw thanked be god sayde þᵉ nobƚe kynge but͵ I mer//
vayle muche of͵ þᵗ bourely knyght͵ þᵗ stondyth͵ by þᵉ
for hym semys to be a straungere for presonere is he none
lyke Sir seyde Sir Gawayne this is a good man of͵ armys
he macched me sore this day In þᵉ moᵅnyngʹ and had nat͵ his
helpe bene þᵗ had I founden. And now is he yolden vnto
god & to me Sir kyngʹ for to be com Crysten and on good
beleve. And whan he is Crystynde and In the fayth͵ be//
levys There lyvyth͵ nat͵ a bettir knyght͵ nor a noblere of͵
his hondis ¶ Than þᵉ kynge In haste crystynde hym fayre
and lette conferme hym Priamus͵ as he was a fore and
lyghtly lete dubbe hym a deuke wᵗ his hondys And made
hym knyght͵ of͵ þᵉ table rounde

Milestone: King Arthur attacks city

¶ And a none þᵉ kynge lette cry
a sawte vnto þᵉ towne and þere was rerynge of͵ laddyrs &
brekynge of͵ wallys þᵉ payne þᵗ þᵉ pepƚe had was pyte
to se ¶ Than þᵉ duches hir dressed wᵗ damesels ryche and
þᵉ countes of͵ Clarysyn wᵗ hir clere maydyns they kneled In
þeire kyrtyls þere þᵉ kynge hovyth͵ and be sought͵ hym of͵ socoure
for þᵉ sake of͵ oure lorde and sey vs som good worde And
Cetyl. thy pepƚe or þᵉ cite suddeynly be wᵗ a sawte wonne
ffor than shaƚƚ͵ dye many a soule þᵗ grevid þᵉ neuer ¶ The
kynge of͵ Walys lyffte vp his vyser wᵗ a knyghtly coun//
tenaunce and kneled to hir myldely wᵗ fuƚƚ͵ meke wordɤ