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Folio 91v
Folio 91v
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vs but͵ a lytyƚƚ͵ for they woƚƚ͵ hyde them In haste for aƚƚ͵ þeire hyȝe
wordys ¶ ye sey weƚƚ͵ seyde Sir Gawayne so god me helpe
Neverthelesse we shall ones encountir them and the beste shall have the vyctory ¶ Now fayre sōne sayde Sir Gawayne vnto fflorens woƚƚ͵
ye take youre felyshyp of͵ þᵉ beste provyd men to þᵉ nūbir of͵ a
C. knyghtɤ and prestly prove yoᵅ self͵ & yondir pray wӯne I as//
sent͵ me wᵗ good hert͵ seyde fflorence

Div: Than sir fflorens called vnto hymʹ

Milestone: Sir Florens, Sir Florydas and Sir Feraunte

Than sir fflorens called vnto hymʹ Sir fflorydas wᵗ
v. score knyghtɤ & forth͵ they flynged a faste trolle
and þᵉ folke of͵ þᵉ bestes dryvys‧› Thanʹ folowed aftir sir fflo//
wᵗ noble men of͵ armys fully .vij.C. And one Sir ffe//
of Spayne be fore onʹ a fayre stede þᵗ was fostred
In Farmagos þᵉ fende was his fadir he flyttys towarde
Sir fflorens͵ and sayde whoþer flyest͵ þᵘ false knyght͵. Than
Sir fflorens͵ was fayne and In feautyr castis his spere
& rydys towarde þᵉ rought͵ & restys no lenger and fuƚƚ͵
but͵ In þᵉ forehede he hyttys Sir fferaunte and brake How Sir fflo͵
rens͵ slew Sir

his necke bone ¶ Than fferaunte his cosynʹ had grete ca//
re and cryed fuƚƚ͵ lowde þᵘ haste slayne a knyght & kynge

a noynted þᵗ or this tyme founde neuer frayke þᵗ myght͵ a
byde hymʹ a buffette þerefore ye shaƚƚ͵ dey þere shaƚƚ͵ none of͵ yoᵘ
ascape ¶ Fye onʹ þᵉ seyde florydas þᵘ eregned wrecche and
þerewᵗ to hymhe flyngis wᵗ a swerde þᵗ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ fleysshe of͵ his
flanke he flappys In sundir þᵗ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ fylth͵ of͵ þᵉ freyke and
many of͵ his guttys fylle to þᵉ erthe͵ Than lyghtly rydis
a raynke for to rescowe þᵗ Barowne þᵗ was borne In þᵉ
rodis & rebeƚƚ͵ vnto Cryste He preced In proudly and
aftir his pray wyndys‧› But͵ þᵉ Raynke Rycharde of͵
the rounde tabƚe on a rede stede rode hymʹ a gaynste and
threste hymʹ thorow þᵉ shylde evynʹ to þᵉ herte. Than he
rored fuƚƚ͵ rudely but͵ rose he neuer more ¶ Thanʹ alle
his feerys mo thanʹ .v.C. felle vpponʹ Sir fflorence and