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Folio 88v
Folio 88v
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ffor þere shaƚƚ͵ neuer harlot͵ haue happe by the helpe of͵ oure lord
to kylle a crowned kynge þᵗ wᵗ Creyme is a noynted ¶ Than
the nobƚe knyghtɤ of͵ þᵉ rounde tabƚe approched vnto the cite
and þeire horsis levys. they hurled on a frunte streyght͵ vnto
þᵉ barbycans & þere they slewe downe aƚƚ͵ þᵗ be fore themʹ stondys
and In þᵗ bray þᵉ brydge they wanne And had nat͵ þᵉ garnyson
bene they had wonne wᵗ Inʹ þᵉ yatys and þᵉ cite wonne thorow
wyghtnesse of͵ hondys ¶ And than oure noble knyghtɤ wᵗ
drew themʹ a lytyƚƚ͵ and wente vnto þᵉ kynge & prayde hym
to take his baronage and than he pyght͵ his pavylyons of͵
palle and plantys aƚƚ͵ a boute the Sege and þere he lette sett͵
vp suddeynly many engynes

Milestone: King Arthur sends men for supplies

¶ Than þᵉ kynge called vnto
hym sir fflorens And seyde these wordys my folkys wexen
febƚe for wantynge of͵ vytayle And here by be forestɤ fuƚƚ͵
fayre and þere as oure foomenʹ many and I amʹ sure they
haue grete store of͵ bestɤ and thyder shaƚƚ͵ þᵘ go to fforrey
that͵ forestes‧› And wᵗ þᵉ shaƚƚ͵ go sir Gawayne And Sir
Wysharde wᵗ sir Walchere ij. worshypfuƚƚ͵ knyghtɤ wᵗ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ
wyseste menʹ of͵ þᵉ Weste marchis ¶ Also Sir Cleremount͵
and sir Clegis that͵ were comly In armys And þᵉ Captay//
ne of͵ Cardyff͵ that͵ is a knyght͵fuƚƚ͵ good ¶ Now go ye
and warne aƚƚ͵ this felyshep þᵗ hit͵ be done as I cōmaunde
¶ So wᵗ þᵗ forth͵ yode sir fflorens and his felyshyp was
sone redy And so they rode thorow holtys and hethis tho//
row foreste & ouer hyllys And thanʹ they com In to a lowe
medow þᵗ was fuƚƚ͵ of͵ swete floures & þere thes nobƚe knyȝtɤ
bayted her stedis

Milestone: Sir Gawayne meets Tuscan man

¶ And In þᵉ grekynge of͵ þᵉ day Sir Gaw//
hente his hors wondyrs for to seke and stale away frome his felyshyp ¶ Thanʹ was he
ware of͵ a manʹ armed walkynge a paase by a woodis ease
by a revers syde and his shelde braced onʹ his sholdir & he
onʹ a stronge horse rydys wᵗ oute manʹ wyth͵ hymʹ save a