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Folio 88r
Folio 88r
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thes Senatoᵅs Rayked vnto Rome And wᵗ In .xviij. dayes
they come to the Potestate and tolde hymʹ how they hadde
brought͵ þᵉ taxe and þᵉ trewage of͵ .x. score wynters bothe
of͵ Ingelonde. Irelonde And of͵ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ est͵ londys‧ffor kyngʹ
Arthure cōmaundys you noþer trybet͵ noþer taxe ye neuer no//
ne aske vppon payne of͵ youre hedys‧› but͵ yf͵ yoᵅ tytil be
þᵉ trewer thanʹ euer ouȝt͵ ony of͵ yoᵅ elders ¶ And for these
causys we haue foughtynʹ In ffraunce and þere us is foule
happed for aƚƚ͵ is chopped to þᵉ deth͵ bothe þᵉ bettir & þᵉ worse
there fore I rede you store you wyth͵ stuff͵ for warʹ is at͵
honde. For In the moneth͵ of͵ May this myscheff͵ be felle
In the Contrey of͵ Constantyne by þᵉ clere stremys And þere
he hyred vs wᵗ his knyghtɤ & heled themʹ þᵗ were hurte þᵗ
same day and to bery themʹ that͵ were slayne

Div: NOw turne we to Arthure wᵗ his nobƚe knyghtɤ

Milestone: Passage of King Arthur

NOw turne we to Arthure wᵗ his nobƚe knyghtɤ þᵗ
entryth͵ streyȝte In to lusɧƀurne and so thorowe
fflaundirs and than to Lorayne he lauȝte vp aƚƚ͵ þᵉ lordshyp//
pys and sytthenʹ he drew hym In to Almayne And vnto
Lumbardy the ryche and sette lawys In þᵗ londe that͵ dured
longe aftir.

Milestone: King Arthur lays seige to city in Tuscany

¶ And so In to Tuskayne and þere the tirrauntys
destroyed and there were Captaynes fuƚƚ͵ kene þᵗ kepte
Arthurs comyngʹ and at͵ streyte passages slew muche of͵
his pepƚe and þere they vytayled and garnysshed many good
townys ¶ But͵ þere was a cite kepte sure defence agaynste
Arthure and his knyghtɤ And þere wᵗ angred Arthure And seyde
aƚƚ͵ onʹ hyght͵ I woƚƚ͵ wynne this towne oþer ellys many a
doughty shaƚƚ͵ dye ¶ And thanʹ þᵉ kynge approched to þᵉ wallis
wᵗ oute shelde sauff͵ his bare harneys ¶ Sir seyde sir fflor//
foly þᵘ workeste for to nyȝe so naked this perleouse cite
And thow be a ferde seyde kyngʹ Arthure I rede þᵉ faste fle
for they wӯne no worshyp of͵ me but͵ to waste þeire toolys