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Folio 87v
Folio 87v
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streyte st[ ] xxx (reyt)e þeras þᵉ Emperoure lay & garte lyffte hymʹ
vp lordely wᵗ barounes fuƚƚ͵ bolde And þᵉ Sawdonʹ
of͵ Surre and of͵ Ethyope the kyngʹ. And of͵ Egypte
and of͵ Inde ij. knyghtɤ fuƚƚ͵ nobƚe wyth͵.xvij. oþer
kyngɤ were takyn vp als‧› And also Syxty Senatoᵅs
of͵ Roome that͵ were honoured fuƚƚ͵ nobƚe men & aƚƚ͵
þᵉ elders ¶ The kynge let͵ bawme aƚƚ͵ thes wᵗ many
good gūmys and setthen lette lappe hem In Syxty folde
of͵ Sendeƚƚ͵ large And thanʹ lete lappe hemʹ In lede þᵗ
for chauffynge oþer chongyngʹ they sholde neuer savoure
And sytthen lete close themʹ In chestys fuƚƚ͵ clenly a
rayed & þeire baners a bovynʹ ouer þeire bodyes and þeire shyldys
turned vpwarde þᵗ eviry man myght͵ knowe of͵ what͵
contray they were

Milestone: Three Senatours of Rome

¶ So on the morne they founde
In the heth͵ .iij. Senatours of͵ of͵ of͵ Rome. Whanʹ they
were brought͵ to the kynge he seyde thes wordis ¶
Now to save yoᵅ lyvys I take no force grete wᵗ that͵
ye woƚƚ͵ meve on my message vnto grete Rome and
presente thes corses vnto the proude Potestate and
aftir shewe hym my lettyrs & my hole entente & telle hemʹ
In haste they shaƚƚ͵ se me And I trow they woƚƚ͵ beware
how they bourde wᵗ me & my knyghtɤ ¶ Than þᵉ Emperourʹ
hymʹ self͵ was dressed Inʹ a charyot͵ and euery .ij. knyghtyɤ
In a charyot͵ cewed saved (cewed) aftir oþer And þᵉ Senatoᵅs com aftir by cow//
pƚys Inʹ a corde ¶ Now sey ye to the Potestate & aƚƚ͵
þᵉ lordys aftir þᵗ I sende hemʹ þᵉ trybet͵ that I owe to Rome
for this is þᵉ trew trybet͵ þᵗ I and myne elders haue
loste this‧ .x. score wyntyrs ¶ And sey hemʹ as me semes
I haue sent͵ hem the hole sōme And yf͵ they thynke hit͵ nat͵
Inowe I shaƚƚ͵a mende hit͵ whan þᵗ I com And ferthermore I charge you to saye to them that I commaunde them upon payne of theire hedes never to demaunde trybute ne taxe of me ne of my londes for suche tresou//
re muste they take as happyns vs here

Milestone: Three Senatours return to Podestate

¶ So on þᵉ morne