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Folio 87r
Folio 87r
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my fostere broþir. And for þᵉ love of͵ Sir Bedwer, þᵗ longe
hath͵ me serued. There fore save none for golde nothir forʹ
syluer. For they þᵗ woƚƚ͵ accompany them wᵗ Sareȝens the
man þᵗ wolde save themʹ were lytyƚƚ͵ to prayse And þerfore
sle doune & save noþer hethynʹ nothir crystynʹ. Than Sir
Cadore Sir Clegis cauȝte to herʹ swerdys. And sir Launce//
Sir Bors Sir Lyonel. Sir Ector de marys
they whyrled thorow many men of͵ armys‧› And Sir Gaway//
Sir Gaherys Sir Loveƚƚ͵ and Sir fflorens͵ his brothir
þᵗ was gotyn of͵ Sir Braundyles systir vppon a mountay//
ne. Aƚƚ͵ thes knyghtɤ russhed forth͵ In a frunte wᵗ many
mo knyghtɤ of͵ the Rounde tabƚe that͵ here be not͵ reher//
sid ¶ They hurled ouer hyllys valeyes & clowys and slow
downe on euery honde wondirfuƚƚ͵ many that, thousandis
In anʹ hepe lay thrūbelyngʹ to gedir. But͵ for aƚƚ͵ that͵ the
Romaynes and þᵉ Sareȝens cowde do oþer speke to yolde
them self͵ þere was none saued but͵ aƚƚ͵ yode to the swerde͵ for
evir kynge Arthure rode In the thyckeste of͵ þᵉ pres and
raumped downe lyke a lyonʹ many Senatoᵅs nobƚe ¶ he
wolde nat͵ a byde vppon no poure manʹ for no maner of͵
thyngʹ & euer he slow slyly & slypped to a noþer tylle aƚƚ͵ were
slayne to the nūbir of͵ a .C.Mƚ. and yet͵ many a thousande
ascaped thorow prevy frendys

Milestone: King Arthur and his knights bury men lost

¶ And than Relevys the
kynge wᵗ his nobƚe knyghtɤ & rensaked ouer aƚƚ͵ þᵉ feldis
for his bolde barouns And tho þᵗ were dede were bur//
ryed as þeire bloode asked And they þᵗ myght͵ be saved there
was no salve spared noþer no deyntes to dere þᵗ myght͵
be gotynʹ for golde oþer syluer. And thus he let͵ save many
knyghtɤ þᵗ wente neuer to recouer. But͵ for Sir Kayes reco//
vir and of͵ Sir Bedwers the ryche was neuer man vn//
dir so glad as hymʹ self͵ was

Milestone: King Arthur rides to Emperor Lucius