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Folio 86v
Folio 86v
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hym self͵ In a launde stoode. Anone as Sir Lucyus sawe
Sir Gawayne he sayde aƚƚ͵ onʹ hyght͵ þᵘ art͵ welcom Iwys
For þᵘ sekyst͵ aftir sorow here þᵘ shalt͵ be sone ouer macched ¶
¶ Sir Launcelot͵ was wroth͵ at͵ hys grӯme wordys and
gurde to hym wᵗ his swerde a bouen vppon hys bryght͵
helme þᵗ þᵉ Raylyngʹ bloode felle doune to his feete ¶ And
Sir Gawayne wyth͵ his longe swerde leyde on faste þᵗ
iij. Amerallys deyde thorow þᵉ dynte of͵ his hondis ¶ And How Sir Gaway//
ne slew .iij. Admy
rallys In batayle

so Lovel fayled nat͵ In þᵉ pres he slew a kynge & a deuke þᵗ
knyghtɤ were noble

Milestone: Sir Bedwere is injured

¶ Than þᵉ Romaynes Releved whan
they sye hir lorde so hampred they chaced and choppedde
doune many of͵ oure knyghtɤ good And In that͵ rebukyngʹ
they bare þᵉ bolde Bedwere to the colde erthe & wyth͵ a
ranke swerde he was merveylously wounded ¶ yet͵ sir
Launcelot͵ and Sir Lovel rescowed hym blyve. wᵗ þᵗ come
Inʹ Kynge Arthure wᵗ þᵉ knyghtɤ of͵ þᵉ tabƚe Rounde and
rescowed þᵉ ryche menʹ that͵ neuerwere lyke to ascape
at͵ þᵗ tyme for ofte tymes thorow envy grete hardynesse
is shewed þᵗ hath͵ bene þᵉ deth͵ of͵ many kyd knyghtɤ for
thouȝe they speke fayre many one vnto oþer yet͵ whanʹ
they be In batayle eyþer wolde beste be praysed NoteP. 137, note 4. This parenthetical statement appears to represent one of relatively few places where Malory departs from his matter and his sources to address his reader directly with a monitory (and personally revealing) observation.

Div: ANone as Kynge Arthure had a syght͵ of͵ þᵉ Emperourʹ Lucyus͵

Milestone: King Arthur slays Emperor Lucius

ANone as Kynge Arthure had a syght͵ of͵ þᵉ Emperourʹ
Lucyus͵ ffor kynge noþer forʹ Captayne he taryed
no lenger And eythir wᵗ her swerdys swapped at͵ othir so
Sir Lucyus wᵗ his swerde hit͵ Arthure ouerthwarte þᵉ nose
& gaff͵ hymʹ a wounde nyȝe vnto þᵉ tunge Sir Arthure
was wroth͵ and gaff͵ hymʹ anoþer wᵗ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ myght͵ þᵗ Inʹ his
arme was leved that͵ frome þᵉ creste of͵ his helme vnto How kyng͵ Arthu//
re slew þᵉ Emperoᵅ
of͵ rome sir Lucyus

þᵉ bare pappys hit͵ wente a doune And so ended þᵉ Emperoᵅ

Milestone: King Arthur and knights mount attack against Romans and Saracens

¶ Thanʹ þᵉ kyngʹ mette wᵗ Sir Cadore his kene Cousynʹ
and prayde hymʹ kylle doune clene for love of͵ sir Kay