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Folio 86r
Folio 86r
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wᵗ his pryce knyghtɤ preced sore aftir ¶ Than Sir Kay Sir
Clegis and Sir Bedwere the Ryche encountyrs wᵗ themʹ
by a clyff͵ syde & þere they .iij. by good meanys slowe Inʹ þᵗ chace
mo thanʹ .v.C.

Milestone: Sir Kay is injured

¶ And also Sir Kay Roode vnto a kyngʹ of͵ Ethy//
and bare hymʹ thorow & as he turned hymʹ a gayne
towarde his ferys a tyrraunte strake hymʹ be twyxte
þᵉ breste & þᵉ bowellys ¶ And as he was hurte yet͵ he tur//
ned hymʹ a gayne & smote þᵉ todir onʹ þᵉ hede þᵗ to þᵉ breste
hit, rauȝt And seyde thouȝe I dey of͵ thy dente thy praysyngʹ
shaƚƚ͵ be lytyƚƚ͵¶ Whan Sir Clegys and sir Bedwere saw
that͵ Sir Kay was hurt͵ they fared wᵗ þᵉ Romaynes as gray//
houndis doth͵ wᵗ harys‧ And thanʹ they returned ayen vnto
nobƚe kynge Arthure And tolde hym how they had spedde
Sir kyngʹ sayde Sir Kay I haue served þᵉ longe now bryngʹ
me vnto som beryellys for my fadyrs sake And cōmaunde
me to dame Gwenyuere thy goodly quene and grete wel.
my worshypfuƚƚ͵ wyff͵ þᵗ wratthed me neuer and byd hir for
my love to worche for my soule ¶ Than wepte kynge Ar//
For routhe at͵ his herte And seyde þᵘ shalt͵ lyve for
euermy herte thynkɤ And þere wᵗ þᵉ kynge hym self͵ pulled
oute the trūcheoune of͵ þᵉ speare & made lechis to seche
hymʹ sykerly And founde noþer lyvir nor lungys noþer boweƚƚɤ
that͵ were attamed

Milestone: King Arthur avenges Sir Kays injury

¶ And than þᵉ kyngʹ putte hymʹ In hys
owne tente wᵗ syker knyghtɤ And sayde I shaƚƚ͵ revenge
thy hurte & I may a ryght͵ rede ¶ Than þᵉ kynge In this
malyncoly metys wᵗ a kynge And wᵗ Excalyber he smote
his bak͵ In sundir than In þᵗ haste he metys wᵗ a nothir &
gurde hym In þᵉ waste thorow bothe sydes‧ Thus he russhed
here & there thorow þᵉ thyckyst͵ prees more thanʹ .xxxti. tymes

Milestone: Sir Gawayne slays three admirals

¶ Than Sir Launcelot͵ Sir Gawayne and sir Lovel ys son
gerde oute one þᵗ one hande where Lucyus the Emperoure