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Folio 85v
Folio 85v
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shotte wᵗ dartis & wᵗ crosse bowys‧ þere be gan a stronge
batayle on euery syde and muche slaughter on þᵉ Romay//
nes party and þᵉ douche menʹ wᵗ quarels dud muche
harme for they were wᵗ þᵉ Romaynes wᵗ hir bowys of͵
horne ¶ And þᵉ grete gyauntɤ of͵ Gene kylled downe
many knyghtɤ wᵗ clubbys of͵ steele crusshed oute hir
braynes‧ Also they sqwatte oute þᵉ braynes of͵ many

Milestone: King Arthur draws Excalyber and slays Galapas

¶ Whan Arthure had aspyed þᵉ Gyauntɤ workɤ
he cryed on lowde þᵗ knyghtɤ myght͵ here & seyde fay//
re lordys loke yoᵅ name be nat͵ loste lese nat͵ youre
worshyp for yondir bare legged knavys and ye shal.
se what͵ I shaƚƚ͵ do as for my trew parte he toke there
oute Excalyber And gurdys towarde Galapas that͵
grevid hym moste he kut͵ hymʹ of by the kneis clenly
þere In sondir ¶ Now art͵ þᵘ of͵ a syse seyde þᵉ kyngʹ lyke
vnto oure ferys And thanʹ he strake of͵ his hede swyf͵//

Milestone: Knights of Round Table attack Giants

¶ Than come In Sir Cadore and Sir Kay Sir
Gawayne And good Sir Launcelot͵ Sir Bors Sir Ly//
and sir Ector de Marys and Sir Ascamore the
good knyght͵ þᵗ neuer fayled his lorde Sir Pelleas
and sir Marhault͵ that͵ were proved men of͵ armys
Aƚƚ͵ thes grymly knyghtɤ sette vpponʹ þᵉ gyauntys
And by þᵉ dyntys were dalte and þᵉ dome yoldynʹ
they had felled hemʹ starke dede of͵ fyffty aƚƚ͵ to the
bare erthe

Milestone: Knights fight against Romans

¶ So forth͵ they wente wyth͵ þᵉ kynge tho
knyghtɤ of͵ þᵉ rounde tabƚe was neuer kyng noþer knyghtɤ
dud bettir synʹ god made þᵉ worlde they leyde on wᵗ longe
swerdys & swapped thorow braynes shyldys noþer no shene
armys myght͵ hemʹ nat͵ wᵗ stonde tyƚƚ͵ they leyde onʹ the
erthe .x. m .at͵ onys ¶ Than þᵉ Romaynes reled a lytyl //
¶ for they were som what͵ rebuked ¶ But͵ kyngʹ Arthure