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Folio 85r
Folio 85r
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do douȝtyly this day & þᵉ felde is ourys‧›

Milestone: Battle ensues

¶ Than anone þᵉ
welshe kyngʹ was so nyȝe þᵗ he herde Sir Lucyus Than
he dressed hymʹ to the vycounte his a vow for to holde
his armys were fuƚƚ͵ clene And þere Inʹ was a dolefuƚƚ͵
dragonʹ and Inʹ to þᵉ vawarde he pykys hymʹ wᵗ styff͵
spere Inʹ honde And þere he mette wyth͵ þᵉ valyaunte vyl//
lers hymʹ self͵ þᵗ was vycounte of͵ Rome and þere he smo//
te hym thorow þᵉ shorte rybbys wᵗ a speare þᵗ the bloode
braste oute on euery syde and so fylle to the erthe and
neuer spake mo wordys aftir ¶ Than þᵉ noble Sir Vway//
boldely approched & gyrde thorow oute þᵉ Emperoures
batayle where was þᵉ thyckest͵ prece & slew a grete
lorde by þᵉ Emperours standard And thanʹ flow to þᵉ Ba//
nerʹ & strake hit͵ thorow oute wᵗ his bryght͵ swerde
& so takyth͵ hit͵ fro hem & rydyth͵ wᵗ hit͵ a way vnto his
felyshyp ¶ Than sir Launcelot͵ lepe forth͵ wᵗ his stede
evyn streyght͵ vnto Sir Lucyus and In his wey he
smote thorow a kynge þᵗ stoode althir nexte hym &
his name was Jacounde a Saraȝen fuƚƚ͵ nobƚe . & than
he russhed forth͵ vnto Sir Lucyus and smote hym onʹ
þᵉ helme wᵗ his swerde þᵗ he felle to þᵉ erthe . And syth͵ he
rode thryse ouer hym onʹ a rowe and so toke þᵉ Baner of͵
Rome & rode wᵗ hit͵ away vnto Arthure hymʹ self͵. And
aƚƚ͵ seyde þᵗ hit͵ sawe þere was neuer knyght͵ dud more
worshyp Inʹ his dayes

Milestone: Giants attack knights

¶ Thanʹ dressed hymʹ sir Bors
vnto a sterne kӯght͵ and smote hymʹ on the vmbreƚƚ͵
þᵗ his necke braste . Thanʹ he Ioyned his horse vntyl.
a sterne Gyaunte & smote hymʹ thorow bothe sydys
And yet͵ he slewe In his way turnyngʹ .ij. oþer knyghtɤ
Be than þᵉ bowe menʹ of, Inglonde & of͵ Bretayne
be ganʹ to shote. And these othir Romaynes & Sareȝens