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Folio 84v
Folio 84v
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dressed his pepƚe & hyȝe hymʹ he bade & take hymʹ of͵ the
beste͵ menʹ of͵ armys many sad hundrethis & go be fore
and we woƚƚ͵ folow aftir ¶ But͵ þᵉ kynge of͵ þeire cōmynge
was preuely warned & thanʹ In to Sessoyne he dressid his
pepƚe & forstalled þᵉ Romaynes from þᵉ kyd castels & þᵉ
walled townes‧ And þere sir Vyllers the valyaunte made
his avow evynʹ by fore the þᵉ kynge to take o þer to sle the
Vycounte of͵ Rome or ellys to dye there fore‧›

Div: Than þᵉ kyngʹ cōmaunded Sir Cadore

Milestone: King commands Cador

Than þᵉ kyngʹ cōmaunded Sir Cadore to take he//
de to þᵉ rerewarde and take renkys of͵ þᵉ rounde
tabƚe þᵗ the beste lykes sauff͵ Sir Launcelot͵ & Sir Bors
wᵗ many mo othir Sir Kay Sir Clegis shaƚƚ͵ be þere als and
sir Marroke Sir Marhaulte shaƚƚ͵ be wᵗ me In fere͵& aƚƚ͵
thes wᵗ mo oþer shaƚƚ͵ a wayte vpponʹ my persone ¶ Thus
kynge Arthure dispercled aƚƚ͵ his oste in dyuerse partyes that͵
they sholde nat͵ ascape but͵ to fyght͵ them be hovys‧ Whā
þᵉ emperourʹ was entyrd In to þᵉ Vale of͵ Sessoyne he myȝt͵
se where kyngʹ Arthure hoved In batayle wᵗ baners
displayed on euery syde was he be sette þᵗ he myght͵nat͵
ascape but͵ oþer to fyght͵ oþer to yelde hym þere was none oþer
boote ¶ Now I se weƚƚ͵ seyde sir Lucyus yondir traytourʹ
hath͵ be trayed me. Than he redressis his knyghtɤ on
dyuerse partyes & sette vp a dragonʹ wᵗ Eglys many one ene//
wed wᵗ Sabyl .

Milestone: Emperor Lucius addresses Romans

¶ And thanʹ he lete blow vp wᵗ trumpettɤ
& wᵗ tabours þᵗ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ vale dyndled And than he lete crye
onʹ lowde wᵗ trumpettɤ and wᵗ tabours þᵗ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ vale dyn//
ned And than he lete cry on lowde þᵗ aƚƚ͵ men myȝt͵ here
¶ Syrs ye know weƚƚ͵ þᵗ þᵉ honoure & worshyp hath͵
euer folowyd þᵉ Romaynes. And this day let͵ hit͵ nevir be
loste for þᵉ defauȝte of͵ herte for I se weƚƚ͵ by yondyrʹ
ordynaunce this day shaƚƚ͵ dye much͵ pepƚe͵ & þerefore
Do douȝtyly