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Folio 81r
Folio 81r
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he was loth͵ to be yoldynʹ but͵ þᵗ he nedys muste ¶ And wᵗ þᵗ sir
Idrus ledde hymʹ oute of͵ þᵉ prees vnto sir lyonel ; and vnto
Sir lovel Idrus brothir and cōmaunded hemʹ to kepe hymʹ
on payne of͵ theire hedis .

Milestone: Sir Gawayne sends for help

¶ Than þere be ganʹ a passyngʹ harde
stoure . for þᵉ Romaynes euer wexed euer byggerʹ ¶ Whan Sir
Gawayne þᵗ aspyed he sente forth͵ a knyght͵ vnto kyngʹ Arthu//
And telle hymʹ what͵ sorow we endure & how we haue
takynʹ þᵉ chefe chaunceler of͵ Rome . And Petur is presonerer
a Senatoure fuƚƚ͵ nobƚe & odir proude pryncis we knowe
nat͵ theire namys And pray hymʹ as he is oure lorde to res//
cowe vs betyme for oure personers may pay rychesse oute of
nūbir And telle hymʹ þᵗ I amʹ wounded wondirly sore ¶ Whan
þᵉ messyngers cam to þᵉ kyngʹ & tolde hymʹ thes wordys the
kynge thanked cryste clappyngʹ his hondys . And for thy trew
sawys & I may lyve many wyntyrs þere was neuer no knyght͵ better
Rewardid . But͵ þere is no golde vndir god þᵗ shaƚƚ͵ save þeire lyvys
I make myne avow to god . and sir Gawayne be In ony perel ·
of͵ deth͵ . for I had levir þᵗ þᵉ Emperourer & aƚƚ͵ his chyff͵ lordis weer
sunkynʹ Inʹ to helle thanʹ ony lorde of͵ þᵉ rounde table were byt͵//
tyrly wounded ¶ So forth͵ þᵉ personers were brought͵ be fore
Arthure And he cōmaunded hemʹ Inʹ to kepyngʹ of͵ þᵉ Conestablys
warde surely to be kepte as nobƚe personers ¶ So wᵗ Inʹ a why//
le com In þᵉ fore Ryders . that͵ is for to say Sir Bors Sir
Bedwere Sir lyoneƚƚ͵ And sir Gawayne that͵ was sore woun//
ded wᵗ aƚƚ͵ hir nobƚe felyshyp they loste no manʹ of worshyppe
¶ So anone þᵉ kyngʹ lete rensake Sir Gawayne anone Inʹ
his syght͵ and sayde fayre Cosynʹ me Ruys of͵ thyne hurtys
And yf͵ I wyste hit͵ myght͵ glad thy hert͵ othir fare þᵉ bettir wᵗ
hit͵ I sholde persente þᵉ wᵗ hir hedys thorow whomʹ þou art͵ thus
rebuked . That͵ were lytyƚƚ͵ avayle sayde sir Gawayne forʹ
theire hedys had they lorne & I had wolde my self͵ & hit͵ were