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Folio 81v
Folio 81v
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shame to sle knyghtɤ whanʹ they be yoldenʹ ¶ Than was þere Ioy
& game amonge þᵉ knyghtɤ of͵ the rounde tabƚe and spoke of͵ þᵉ gᵉte
provesse þᵗ þᵉ messyngers ded þᵗ day thorow dedys of͵ armys

Milestone: Sir Launcelot leads prisoners to Paris

¶ So
on þᵉ morne whan hit͵ was day þᵉ kyngʹ callyd vnto hymʹ sir
Cador of͵ Cornuayle and sir Clarrus of͵ Clereounte a clene
manʹ of͵ armys . and sir Cloudres Sir Clegis .ij. olde nobƚe
knyghtɤ and sir Bors Sir Bereƚƚ͵ nobƚe good menʹ of͵ armys
and also Sir Bryan de les yles and sir Bedwere þᵉ bolde
and also he called sir launcelot͵ Inʹ heryngʹ of͵ aƚƚ͵ peple and
seyde I pray þᵉ Sir as þᵘ lovys me take hede to thes oþer knyȝtɤ
& boldely lede thes personers vnto Paryse towne þerefor to be
kepte surely as thou me love woƚƚ͵ haue . And yf͵ ony Rescowe
be falle moste I affye me in the Inʹ me as Iɧu me helpe // ¶ Thanʹ
sir launcelot͵ and sir Cadoer wᵗ thes oþer knyghtɤ attyred oute
of͵ þeire felyshyp .x.Mƚ. be tale of͵ bolde menʹ arayed of͵ þᵉ beste of͵
þeire company . And thanʹ they unfolde baners and let hem be displayed

Div: NOw turne we to þᵉ Emperourer of͵ Rome

Milestone: Emperor Lucius plans ambush

NOw turne we to þᵉ Emperourer of͵ Rome þᵗ wyste by aspye
whethir this personers sholde wende . he callyd vnto
hymʹ sir Edolf͵ and sir Edwarde .ij. myghty kyngɤ . And Sir
Sextore of͵ lybye and Senatoᵅs many . And þᵉ kyng of͵ Sur//
and þᵉ Senatoure S[ ]a(e)natoure of͵ Rome Sawtre aƚƚ͵ thes turned
towarde Troyes wᵗ many proved knyghtɤ to be trappe þᵉ kyngɤ
sondis menʹ þᵗ were charged wᵗ þᵉ personers ¶ Thus ar oure
knyghtɤ passed towarde paryse a busshemente lay be fore thē
of͵Sixty Mƚ. men of͵ armys

Milestone: Sir Lancelot sends three knights ahead

¶ Now lordis seyde sir launcelot͵
I pray you herkyns me a whyle I drede þᵗ Inʹ this woodys
be leyde afore vs many of͵ oure enemyes . Therefore
be myne advyse sende we .iij. good knyghtɤ to aspye if ony ar in the woodys to lette us I assente me
seyde Sir Cadorʹ and aƚƚ͵ they seyde þᵉ same & were aggre//
ed þᵗ Sir Clegis Sir Claryon and sir Clement, þᵉ nobƚe þᵗ they sholde
dyscouer þᵉ woodys bothe þᵉ dalys & þᵉ downys . So forth͵ rode