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Folio 80v
Folio 80v
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muste he lese ¶ Sir Borce and Sir Bereƚƚ͵ þᵉ good baroun
nes fouȝt͵ as . ii . boorys þᵗ myght͵ no farþer passe ¶ But͵ at͵ þᵉ
laste thouȝe they loth͵ were they were yolden & takyn and
saved þeire lyves yet͵ þᵉ stale stoode a lytyƚƚ͵ on ferʹ NoteThe flourish of "ferʹ" looks like the "-er" abbreviation. wᵗ Sir Gaway//
þᵗ made sorow oute of͵ mesure for thes . ii . lordys.

Milestone: Sir Gawayne and Sir Idres rescue Sir Borce and Sir Bers

than cam In a freysh͵ knyght͵ clenly arayed Sir Idres Sir
Uwaynes son a nobƚe man of͵ armys he brought͵ . v . C . good
men In haubirkɤ attyred. And whan he wyste Sir Borce
and sir Berel were cesed of͵ werrʹ NoteThe flourish of "werrʹ" looks like the "-er" abbreviation. Alas he sayde this is to
muche shame & ouer muche losse ¶ For wᵗ kynge Arthure and
he know þᵗ thes . ii . knyghtɤ bene thus loste he woƚƚ͵ neuer mery
be tyƚƚ͵ this be revenged. A fayre knyght͵ sayde sir Gawayne
þou moste nedis be a good man for so is thy fadir I knowe
fuƚƚ͵ weƚƚ͵ thy modir In Ingelonde was þᵘ borne Alas thes
Romaynes this day haue chaced vs as wylde harys & they
haue oure nobƚe chyfftenʹ takyn In the felde þere was neuer
a bettir knyght͵ þᵗ strode vppon a steede ¶ loo where they lede
oure lordys ouer yondir brode launde. I make myne avowe
seyde Sir Gawayne I shaƚƚ͵ neuer se my lorde Arthure but͵ yf͵
I reskew hem þᵗ so lyghtly ar ledde vs fro ¶ That͵ is knyȝtly
spokynʹ seyde sir Idres & pulde vp herʹ NoteThe flourish of "herʹ" looks like the "-er" abbreviation. brydyls & halowed
ouer þᵗ champayne. there was russhynge of͵ sperys & swapp//
yngʹ of͵ swerdis. And sir Gawayne wᵗ galantyne his swerde
dud many wondyrs ¶ Than he threste thorow þᵉ prece vnto
hym þᵗ lad sir Bors and bare hym thorow vp to þᵉ hyltys &
lade a way sir Bors strayte vnto his ferys ¶ Than sir Idrus
þᵉ yonge sir Vwaynes son he threste vnto a knyght͵ þᵗ had sir
Bereƚƚ͵ þᵗ þᵉ brayne and þᵉ blode clevid on his swerde ¶ þere
was a proude Senatoure preced aftir sir Gawayne & gaff͵
hym a grete buffet͵ That͵ sawe sir Idres and aftir rydyth͵
& had slayne þᵉ Senatoᵅ but͵ þᵗ he yelded hymʹ In haste yet͵