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Folio 80r
Folio 80r
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And Sir Borce turned hym to & bare hym thorow the
brode shylde and þᵉ brode of͵ his breste þᵗ he felle to þᵉ erþᵉ
as dede as a stone

Milestone: Sir Gawayne slays Sir Feldenake

¶ Than Sir Feldenake the myghty þᵗ
was a praysed man of͵ armys he gurde to Sir Gawayne
for greff͵ of͵ sir Gayus and his oþer felowys And sir Gawayne
was ware and drew Galantyne his swerde and hyt͵ hym The deth͵ of͵
Sir Feldenak

such͵ a buffette þᵗ he cleved hym to þᵉ breste. And thanʹ he cauȝ//
te his courser & wente to his ferys

Milestone: Romans return to their camp

¶ Than a rych͵ man
of͵ Rome one of͵ þᵉ Senatoᵅs called to his felowys & bade
hem returne for yondir ar shrewed messengers & bolde
boosters. If͵ we folow them ony fartherʹ NoteThe flourish of "father" looks like the "-er" abbreviation. þᵉ harme shaƚƚ͵ be
owrys. And so þᵉ Romaynes returned lyghtly to theire
tentys and tolde þᵉ Emperoure how they had spedde. / And how
þᵉ marchaƚƚ͵ of͵ Rome was slayne and mo than . v . Mƚ . In þᵉ
felde dede.

Milestone: King Arthur's knights ambush the Romans

But͵ yet͵ one they wente and departe oure bushe//
mente brake on bothe sydys of͵ þᵉ Romaynes. And þere the
bolde Bedwerʹ NoteThe flourish of "Bedwer" looks like the "-er" abbreviation. and sir lyonel. bare downe þᵉ Romaynes on
euery syde ¶ There oure nobƚe knyghtɤ of͵ mery Ingelonde
bere hem thorow þᵉ helmys & bryght͵ sheldis & slew hem
downe. And þere þᵉ hole roughte returned vnto þᵉ Emperoure &
tolde hym at͵ one worde his men were destroyed . x . Mƚ . by
batayle of͵ tyred knyghtɤ. for they ar þᵉ bryˉmyst͵ men þᵗ evir
we saw In felde ¶ But͵ aƚƚ͵ wayes Sir Borce And Sir
Gawayne freyshly folowed on the Romaynes evynʹ vnto þᵉ
Emperoures tentɤ./

Milestone: Sir Borce and Sir Bers are taken prisoner

Than oute ranʹ þᵉ Romaynes on euery
syde bothe onʹ horse & on foote to many oute of͵ nūbir. But͵
Sir Borce and Sir Berel. were formeste In þᵉ frunte and
freyshly fauȝt͵ as euer dud ony knyghtɤ. knyght[ ] x (ɤ.) But͵ Sir Gawayne
was on þᵉ ryght͵ honde & dud what͵ he myght͵. But there
were so many hym a gaynste he myght͵ nat͵ helpe þere his fe//
rys. but͵ was fayne to turne on his horse othir his lyffe