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Folio 79v
Folio 79v
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for aƚƚ͵ and knyghtly hit wynne ¶ ye sey weƚƚ͵ seyde þᵉ Emperoᵅ
as youre lorde hath͵ you cōmaunded ¶ But͵ telle yoᵅ lorde
I sende hym gretynge. but͵ I haue no Ioy of͵ youre Renckys
thus to rebuke me & my lordys ¶ But͵ sey youre lorde
I woƚƚ͵ ryde downe by Sayne and wynne aƚƚ͵ þᵗ þereto longɤ
and aftir ryde vnto Roone and wynne hit͵ vp clene. hit͵
be semys þᵉ ylle seyde Sir Gawayne that͵ ony such͵ an
Elffe sholde bragge suche wordys. For I had levir than
aƚƚ͵ Fraunce to fyght͵ a yenste þᵉ oþer I seyde Sir Borce
than to welde aƚƚ͵ bretayne oþer Burgayne the nobƚe

Milestone: Sir Gawayne slays Sir Gayus

¶ Than a knyght͵ þᵗ hyght͵ Sir Gayus þᵗ was cosynʹ
vnto þᵉ Emperoure he seyde thes wordys. Loo! how Thes englyshe
Bretouns be braggars of͵ kynde. for ye may see how
they boste and bragge as they durste bete aƚƚ͵ þᵉ worlde
¶ Than grevid Sir Gawayne at͵ his grete wordys
and wᵗ his bowerly bronde þᵗ bryght͵ semed he stroke
of͵ þᵉ hede of͵ sir Gayus the knyght͵ and so they turned The deth͵ of͵
Sir Gayus

þeire horsis and rode ouer watyrs and woodys In to they
com ny þᵉ busshemente þere Sir lyoneƚƚ͵ and Sir Bedwere
were hovyngʹ stylle

Milestone: Sir Boyce slays Calleborne

¶ Than þᵉ Romaynes folowed faste
onʹ horsebak͵ and onʹ foote ouer a fayre champeyne vnto
a fayre wood ¶ Than turnys hymʹ Sir Borce wyth͵
a freyshe wylle and sawe a gay knyght͵ come fast on aƚƚ͵ floryshed In
golde þᵗ bare downe of͵ Arthures knyghtɤ wondirfuƚƚ͵ ma//
ny ¶ Than Sir Borce aspyed hym he kaste In feautir
a spere and gyrdis hymʹ thorow oute þᵉ body that͵ his
guttys fylle oute and þᵉ knyght͵ fylle dede doune to þᵉ grounde þᵗ gresly
gronyd ¶ Than preced In a bolde barowne aƚƚ͵ In pur//
puƚƚ͵ arayed he threste Inʹ to þᵉ prece of͵ kyngʹ Arthures
knyghtɤ and fruysshed downe many good knyghtɤ And he
was called Calleborne the strengyste of͵ pavynes londis