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Folio 79r
Folio 79r
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In to dowse Fraunce And þere he brennys aƚƚ͵ clene ¶ Now aƚƚ͵
the Dowse leperys bothe deukys and oþer. And þᵉ peerys of͵
Parys towne ar fledde downe In to þᵉ lowe contrey towarde
Roone And but͵ yf͵ þᵘ helpe themʹ þᵉ sūner they muste yelde hem
aƚƚ͵ at͵ onys bothe þᵉ bodyes and townys they canʹ none othir
succoᵅ but͵ nedys they muste yelde themʹ in haste


Milestone: King Arthur sends embassy to Emperor Lucius

Than þᵉ kynge byddis Sir Borce now bowske the
blythe. And Sir lyonel. and Sir Bedwere loke þᵗ
ye fare wᵗ Sir Gawayne my nevew wᵗ you and take as many
good knyghtɤ and loke þᵗ ye ryde streyte vnto Sir lucius and
sey I bydde hym In haste to remeve oute of͵ my londys. And
yf͵ he woƚƚ͵ nat͵ so bydde hym dresse his batayle and lette vs
redresse oure ryghtɤ wᵗ oure handis. And þᵗ is more wor//
shyppe thanʹ thus to ouer ryde maysterlesse men ¶ Than a
none In aƚƚ͵ haste they dressed hem to horse bak͵ thes nobƚe
knyghtɤ ¶ And whanʹ they com to þᵉ grene wood they sawe
be fore hem many prowde pavylyons of͵ sylke of͵ dyverse
coloures þᵗ were sette In a medow be syde a Ryvere And the
Emperoures pavylyon was In þᵉ myddys wᵗ an Egle display//
ed on loffte ¶ Than thorow the wood oure knyghtɤ roode
tylle þᵗ they com vnto the Emperoures tente ¶ But͵ be
hynde them they leffte stuff͵ of͵ men of͵ armys In a boyshe//
mente And þere he leffte In þᵉ boyshemente Sir lyonel. And
Sir Bedwere Sir Gawayne and sir Borce wente wᵗ the
message ¶ So they rode worthyly In to þᵉ Emperoures tente
and spoke bothe at͵ onys wᵗ hawte wordys ¶ Now geff͵ þᵉ
sorow Sir Emperoure & aƚƚ͵ thy sowdyars þᵉ a boute ¶ For why
ocupyest͵ þou wᵗ wronge the Empyreship of͵ Roome that͵
is kynge Arthures herytage be kynde of͵ his noble Elders
there lakked none but͵ Uther his fadir. There fore þᵉ kyngʹ
cōmaundyth͵ þᵉ to ryde oute of͵ his londys oþer ellys to fyght͵