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Folio 78v
Folio 78v
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Barbycan that͵ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ comyns of͵ this contrey may hit͵
be holde ¶ And than ye . ii . go vp to the mountayne and fecche me my
shelde my swerde and þᵉ boystouse clubbe of͵ Ironʹ. And
yf͵ ye lyste ony tresoure take what͵ ye lyst͵ for þere may
ye fynde tresoure oute of͵ nūbir.

Milestone: King Arthur takes the Curtyll

So I haue the Curtyƚƚ͵
and the clubbeI kepe no more. for this was a freysh͵ Gyaunte and
mykyƚƚ͵ of͵ strength͵. For I mette nat͵ wᵗ suche one this
xv . wyntir Sauff͵ onys In þᵉ mounte of͵ Arrabe I mette
wᵗ suche anʹ oþer. but͵ this was fersar that͵ had I nere
founden had nat͵ my fortune be good ¶ Than þᵉ knyȝtɤ
fecched the Clubbe and þᵉ coote And aƚƚ͵ þᵉ remenaunte
and toke wᵗ hemʹ what͵ tresoure that͵ hemʹ lyked. Than
þᵉ kynge & they sterte vpponʹ þeire horsys. And so they rode fro
thens þereas they come fro./ And a none þᵉ clamoure was
howge a boute aƚƚ͵ þᵉ contrey. And thanʹ they wente wᵗ
one voyse to fore þᵉ kynge and thanked god & hymʹ þᵗ
þeire enemy was destroyed ¶ Aƚƚ͵ thanke ye god seyde Ar//
and no man ellys looke þᵗ the gooddys be skyffted
that͵ none playne of͵ his parte ¶ Than he cōmaunded his
cosynʹ sir howeƚƚ͵ to make a kyrke on þᵗ same cragge In
þᵉ worshyppe of͵ seynte Mychael.

Milestone: The Marchall of France appeals for help

On þᵉ morne frome
Barflete remevyth͵ þᵉ kynge wᵗ aƚƚ͵ his grete batayle
proudly arayed ¶ And so they shooke ouer þᵉ stremys In to
a fayre champayne And þere by doune Inʹ a valey they
pyght͵ vp hir tentys. And evyn at͵ þᵉ mete whyle come
ii . messyngers. that͵ one was þᵉ Marchaƚƚ͵ of͵ Fraunce þᵗ
seyde to þᵉ kynge how þᵉ Emperoure was com entryd In to Fraunce
and hath͵ destroyed much͵ of͵ oure marchis and is com
In to Burgayne and many borowys hath͵ destroyed and
hath͵ made grete slaughtir of͵ yoᵅ nobƚe peopƚe & where
that͵ he rydyth͵ aƚƚ͵ he destroyes And now he is comynʹ