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Folio 78r
Folio 78r
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and kut͵ his baly In sundir þᵗ oute wente þᵉ gore andþᵗ þᵉ guttes that thegrasse
and þᵉ grounde aƚƚ͵ foule was be gone ¶ Than he kaste
a way þᵉ clubbe and cauȝte þᵉ kynge In his armys & hande//
led þᵉ kynge so harde þᵗ he crusshed his rybbes ¶ Than þᵉ
balefuƚƚ͵ maydyns wronge hir hondis and kneled on þᵉ
grounde & to cryste called for comforte of Arthur wᵗ þᵗ þᵉ warlow wrath͵ Arthure
vndir and so they waltyrde & walowde and tumbylde ouer þᵉ craggis and
busshys and eythir cleyght͵ oþer fuƚƚ͵ faste In þeire armys and
er whyles Arthure was a boven and oþer whyle vndir &
so they neuer leffte tyƚƚ͵ they fylle þereas þᵉ floode marked. But
euer In þᵉ walterynge Arthure smytes and hittis hym wᵗ a shorte dagger
vp to þᵉ hyltys. and In his fallynge þere braste of͵ þᵉ gyauntɤ
Rybbys . iii . evyn at͵ onys And by fortune they felle there
as þᵉ iij.ii. knyghtɤ a boode wᵗ theire horsis ¶ Whan Sir kay
saw þᵉ kynge and the gyaunte so I cleyght͵ to gyder. , Alas
sayd sir kay we ar forfete for euer yondir is ouer lorde ouer
fallen wᵗ a fende hit͵ is nat͵ so seyde þᵉ kynge but͵ helpe me
sir kay for this corseynte haue I clegged oute of͵ þᵉ yon//
dir clowys ¶ In fayth͵ seyde Sir Bedwere this is a
foule carle and cauȝte þᵉ corseynte oute of͵ þᵉ kyngɤ armys
And there he seyde I haue mykyƚƚ͵ wondir and Mychael.
be of͵ suche a makyngʹ that͵ euer god wolde suffir hym to
a byde In hevyn. And if͵ seyntis be suche that͵ servys
Iɧu I woƚƚ͵ neuer seke for none be þᵉ fayth͵ of͵ my body

Milestone: The Giant is beheaded

The kynge than lough͵ at͵ Bedwers wordis & seyde
this seynte haue I sought͵ nyȝe vnto my grete daun//
gere. But͵ stryke of͵ his hede and sette hit͵ on a troun//
cheoune of͵ a speare and geff͵ hit͵ to thy servaunte that͵ is
swyffte horsed and bere hit͵ vnto sir Howeƚƚ͵ þᵗ is In
harde bondis and bydde hym be mery for his enemy
is destroyed. And aftir in (in) Barflete lette brace hit͵ on a