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Folio 77v
Folio 77v
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brekelys hym somys and . iii . damesels turned . iii . brochis
And þereon was . xii . chyldir but͵ late borne and they were
broched in maner lyke birdis

Milestone: King Arthur addresses Giant

¶ whan the kyngʹ be hylde
þᵗ syght͵ his herte was nyȝe bledyngʹ for sorow ¶ Than
he haylesed hym wᵗ angirfuƚƚ͵ wordys. Now he that͵ aƚƚ͵
weldys geff͵ þᵉ sorow theeff͵ þere þᵘ syttɤ for þᵘ art͵ þᵉ fowlyste
freyke þᵗ euer was fourmed & fendly þᵘ fedyst͵ the. þᵉ deviƚƚ͵
haue thy soule ¶ And by what͵ cause þᵘ carle hast͵ þᵘ kylled
þes crysten chyldern þᵘ haste made many martyrs by mour//
theryngʹ of͵ this londis ¶ There fore þᵘ shalt͵ haue thy mede
thorow Mychael. that͵ owyth͵ this mounte. And also why
haste þᵘ slayne this fayre douches ¶ There fore dresse
þᵉ dogʹgysson for þᵘ shalt͵ dye this day thorow þᵉ dynte of͵ my

Milestone: King Arthur fights Giant

¶ Than þᵉ gloton gloored and grevid fuƚƚ͵ foule
he had teeth͵ lyke a grayhounde he was þᵉ foulyst͵ wyȝte
þᵗ euer manʹ sye and þere was neuer suche one fourmed on erþᵉ
for þere was neuer devil. In helle more horryblyer made for
he was fro þᵉ hede to the foote . v . fadom longe/and large
And þerewᵗ sturdely he sterte vppon his leggis & cauȝte a
clubbe In his honde aƚƚ͵ of͵ clene Ironʹ. Than he swappis
at͵ þᵉ kynge wᵗ þᵗ kyd wepyn he cruysshed downe wᵗ the
club. the Coronal. doune to þᵉ colde erþᵉ. the kyngʹ coverde
hym wᵗ his shylde & rechis a boxe evyn In fourmede In
the myddis of͵ his forehede þᵗ þᵉ slypped blade vnto the
brayne rechis ¶ yet͵ he shappis at͵ sir Arthure but͵ þᵉ
kynge shuntys a lytyƚƚ͵ and rechis hymʹ a dynte hyȝe
vppon þᵉ haunche And þere he swappis his Genytrottys Inʹ
sondir ¶ Than he rored & brayed and yet͵ angurly he stry//
kes and fayled of͵ sir Arthure and þᵉ erþᵉ hittis þᵗ he kutte
In to the swarffe a large swerde swe⁁(r)de length͵ and more ¶ þan
the kynge sterte vp vnto hym & raught͵ hym a buffette