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Folio 77r
Folio 77r
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suche fyffty ye were to feybƚe for to macche hymʹ aƚƚ͵ at͵
onys. where to berys þᵘ armoure hit͵ may þᵉ lytyƚƚ͵ a vayle
for he nedys none oþer wepyn but͵ his bare fyste // ¶ here lyethis
a douches dede þᵉ fayryst͵ þᵗ lyved he hath͵ murthered that͵
mylde wᵗ oute ony mercy he forced hir by fylth͵ of͵ hym
self͵ and so aftir slytte hir vnto þᵉ navyƚƚ͵ // ¶ Dame seyde
þᵉ kynge I com fro þᵉ noble conquerroᵅ þᵉ kyngesir Arthure for to trete
wᵗ þᵗ tirraunte for his lyege pepƚe // ¶ Fy on suche tretyse
she seyde þan for he settys nought͵ by þᵉ kynge noþer by no
man ellys // ¶ But͵ & þᵘ haue brought͵ Arthurs wyff͵ dame
Gwenyvere he woƚƚ͵ be more blyther of͵ hir than þou
haddyste geffyn hym halfondele fraunce and but͵ yf͵ þou
haue brought͵ hir prese hym nat͵ to nyȝe loke what͵ he
hath͵ done vnto . xv . kyngɤ he hath͵ made hym a coote fuƚƚ͵
of͵ precious stonys and þᵉ bordoures þere of͵ is the berdis of . xv .
kyngɤ and they were of͵ þᵉ þᵉþᵉ grettyst͵ blood þᵗ dured on erþᵉ
othir farme had farme/had he none of͵ . xv . realmys This presente was
sente hym to this laste Crystemasse they sente hym In fay//
the for savyngʹ of͵ þeire pepƚe. And for Arthurs wyff͵ he lodgys
hym here for he hath͵ more tresoure than euer had Arthure
or ony of͵ his elders // ¶ And now þᵘ shalt͵ fynde hym at͵ souper
wᵗ . vi . knave chyldirne . And þere he hath͵ made pykyƚƚ͵ & powder
wᵗ many precious wynes and . iii . fayre maydens þᵗ turnys the
broche. That͵ bydis to go to his bed for they . iii . shaƚƚ͵ be dede
wᵗ In . iiii . oures or þᵉ fylth͵ is fulfylled þᵗ his fleyshe askys

Weƚƚ͵ seyde Arthure I woƚƚ͵ fulfylle my message for alle
yoᵅ grymʹ wordis ¶

Milestone: King Arthur sees Giant

Than fare þᵘ to yondir fyre þᵗ flamys
so hyȝe and þere þᵘ shalt͵ fynde hym sykerly for sothe // ¶ Than he
paste͵forth͵ to þᵉ creste of͵ þᵉ hylle & syȝe where he sate at͵
his soupere a lone gnawyngʹ on a lyˉme of͵ a large man &
there he beekys his brode lendys by þᵉ bryght͵ fyre and