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Folio 76v
Folio 76v
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¶ to me no more thy soth͵ sawys saw[ ] x y(ys) haue greved sore(e) sor[ ]y
my herte ¶ Than he turnys towarde his tentys
& carpys but͵ lytyl.

Milestone: King Arthur Sir Kay and Sir Bedwere ride to Mont Saint Michele

¶ Than þᵉ kynge called to hymseyde vnto NoteP. 122, note 9. The Winchester MS reads "seyde", but Caxton and aMA both agree with forms of "call".
Sir Kay [ ] x (k)ay In counceyle & to Sir Bedwere þᵉ bolde
thus seyde he loke þᵗ ye . ii . aftir evynsonge be sure//
ly armed & yoᵅ beste horsis. for I woƚƚ͵ ryde onʹ
pylgrymage privayly and none but͵ we . iii . And
whanʹ my lordis is servyd we woƚƚ͵ ryde to seynte
Mychaels mounte where mervayles ar shewed ¶ A
none Sir Arthure wente to his wardrop & caste
onʹ his armoure bothe his Gesseraunte and his Bas//
wᵗ his brode shylde. And so he buskys hym tyƚƚ͵ his
stede þᵗ on þᵉ bente hoved. Than he stertɤ vppon loffte &
hentys þᵉ brydyƚƚ͵ and stirres hym stoutly & sone he
fyndis his knyghtɤ . ii . fuƚƚ͵ clenly arayed. And than they
trotted on stylly to gedir ouer a blythe contray fuƚƚ͵ of͵ ma//
ny myrry byrdis. And whan they com to þᵉ forlonde
Arthure and they a lyght͵ on hir foote ¶ And the kynge commaunded them to tarye there Now fastenys
seyde Arthure oure ou[ ] x (r)e horsis þᵗ none nyȝe oþer. for I woƚƚ͵
seche this seynte be my self͵ a lone and speke wyth͵ this
maystir man þᵗ kepys this mountayne

Milestone: King Arthur meets widow on mount

¶ Than the
kynge yode vp to þᵉ creste of͵ þᵉ Cragge. And than he
comforted hymʹ self͵ wᵗ þᵉ colde wynde And than he yode
forth͵ by . ii . welle stremys. And þere he fyndys . ii . fyres
flamand fuƚƚ͵ hyȝe. And at͵ þᵗ one fyre he founde a care//
fuƚƚ͵ wydow wryngande hir handys syttande on a gra//
ve þᵗ was new marked ¶ Than Arthure salued hir &
she hym a gayne and asked hir why she sate sorowyngʹ

Milestone: Widow speaks of Giant

¶ Alas she seyde carefuƚƚ͵ knyght͵ þou carpys ouer lowde
yon is a werlow woƚƚ͵ destroy dest⁁(r)oy vs bothe I holde þᵉ vnhappy
What͵ doste þᵘ on this mountayne ¶ Thouȝe here were
Suche fyffty