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Sig. k1v
Sig. k1v
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Sig. k1v
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syde / Thenne threstyd in amonge them the knyghtes of the ta//
ble round / and smote doune to the erthe alle them that wyth//
stode them / in soo moche that they made them to recuyelle & flee /
By god sayd syre Gawayn this gladeth my herte / for now
ben they lasse in nombre by xx M /

Milestone: Iubeaunce a mighty Giant

Thenne entryd in to the ba
taylle Iubaunce a geaunt / and fought and slewe doune ryght
and distressyd many of our knyghtes / emonge whome was
slayne syre Gherard a knyght of walys / Thenne oure knygh//
tes toke herte to them / and slewe many sarasyns /

Milestone: Sir Priamus and knights of the Round Table

And thenne
came in syr Priamus with his penon / and rode with the kn//
yghtes of the round table / and fought so manfully that ma//
ny of their enemyes lost theyr lyues / And ther syr Pryamus
slewe the Marquys of Moyses land / and syre gawayn with
his felawes so quytte hem that they had the feld /

Milestone: Sir Chastelayne

but in that
stoure was syr Chestelayne a chyld and ward of syre Ga//
wayne slayne / wherfore was moche sorou made / and his deth
wes soone auengyd / Thus was the bataille ended and ma//
ny lordes of lombardye and sarasyns left dede in the feld /

Milestone: Return to King Arthur

¶ Thenne syre florence and syre Gawayne herberowed surely
theyr peple / and token grete plente of bestyal of gold & syluer
and grete tresour and rychesse and retorned vnto kyng Ar//
thur whiche lay styl at the syege / And whanne they came to
the kynge / they presented theyr prysoners and recounted the//
yre aduentures / and how they had vaynquysshed theyre ene//

Div: How syr Gauwayn retorned to kyng Arthur wyth his prysoners / And how the kyng wanne a Cyte / and how he was crowned emperour


Capitulum xij

Milestone: Sir Gawayne presents Priamus to King Arthur

NOw thanked be god sayd the noble kynge Arthur /
But what maner man is he that standeth by hym self
hym semed no prysoner / Syre sayd Gawayne this is a good
man of armes / he hath matched me / but he is yolden vnto god
and to me for to bycome Crysten . had not he haue be we shold
neuer haue rotorned / wherfore I pray yow that he may be bap//
tysed / for ther lyueth not a nobler man ne better knyght of his
handes / thenne the kyng lete hym anon be crystned / and dyd
doo calle hym his fyrste name Pryamus / and made hym a du//
ke and knyghte of the table round

Milestone: King Arthur attacks city

¶ And thenne anon
the kynge lete do crye assaulte to the cyte / and there was re//
rynge of laddres brekyng of wallys and the dyche fylled /

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