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Sig. k1r
Sig. k1r
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Sig. k1r
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the helpe of god we shal ouerthrowe them and haue a fayre
day on them / And syre Florens shall abyde styll in thys felde
to kepe the stale as a noble knyghte / and we shal not forsake
yonder felawes /

Milestone: Sir Priamus warns of dangers ahead

Now sayd Pryamus seasse your wordes / for
I warne yow ye shal fynde in yonder woodes many peryllo//
us knyghtes / they wylle put forthe beestes to calle yow on /
they be out of nombre / and ye are not past vij C whiche ben o//
uer fewe to fyght with soo many / Neuertheles sayd syr gawa
yn we shal ones encountre them / and see what they can do
and the beste shalle haue the vyctory

Div: How the Sarasyns came oute of a wode for to rescowe theyr beestys / and of a grete bataylle


Capitulo xj

Milestone: Sir Florens, Sir Florydas and Sir Feraunte

THenne syre Florence callyd to hym syre florydas with
an honderd knyghtes and droofe forth the herde of be
stes / Thenne folowed hym vij honderd men of armes / and syr
Feraunt of spayne on a fayr stede came spryngynge oute of
the woodes / and came to syre Florence and axyd hym why he
fledde / Thenne syre Florence took his spere / and rode ageynste
hym / and smote hym in the forhede and brake his necke bone /
Thenne all thother were meued / and thought to auenge the
dethe of syr Feraunt / and smote in emonge them / and there
was grete fyghte and many slayne and leyd doune to gro//
unde / and syr Florence with his C knyghtes alwey kepte the
stale and foughte manly /

Milestone: Sir Priamus and Sir Gawayne

¶ Thenne whan Pryamus the
good knyght perceyued the grede fyght / he wente to syre Ga//
wayn / and badde hym that he shold goo and socoure his fe//
lauship / whiche were sore bystad with their enemyes / Syr gre
ue yow not sayd syre Gawayn / For theyr gree shall be theirs
I shall not ones meue my hors to them ward / but yf I see mo
than ther ben / For they ben stronge ynough to matche them / &
with that he sawe an erle called syre Ethelwold and the duk
of duchemen cam lepyng out of a wood with many thousādes
& pryamus knyȝtes / & cam strayte vn to the bataylle /

Milestone: Great battle

thēne sir
gawayn comforted his knyghtes / and bad them not to be a//
basshed / for al shal be ours / thēne they began to wallope & mette
with their enemyes / there were mē slayn & ouerthrowen on euery
k j

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