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Sig. i8v
Sig. i8v
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Sig. i8v
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that lente to me my strengthe /

Milestone: Sir Gawayne and Sir Priamus go to retinue

Now am I better pleasyd sayd
Pryamus than thou haddest gyuen to me al the prouynce and
parys the ryche / I had leuer to haue ben torn with wylde hor//
ses / than ony varlet had wonne suche loos / or ony page or pry//
ker shold haue had prys on me / But now syre knyghte I
warne the / that here by is a duke of Lorayne with his armye
and the noblest men of Dolphyne and lordes of lombardye /
with the garneson of godard / and sarasyns of Southland y
nombred lx M of good men of armes / wherfore but yf we
hye vs hens / it wylle harme vs bothe / for we ben sore hurte / ne//
uer lyke to recouer / but take hede to my page that he no horne
blowe / For yf he doo ther ben houynge here fast by an C knyȝ
tes awaytynge on my persone / and yf they take the / ther shall
no raunson of gold ne syluer acquyte the / Thenne syre gawa
yne rode ouer a water for to saue hym / And the knyghte folo//
wed hym / and soo rode forthe tyl they came to his felawes /
whiche were in the medowe / where they had ben al the nyghte
Anone as syre wychard was ware of syre gawayn and sawe
that he was hurte / he ranne to hym soroufully wepynge / and
demaunded of hym who had soo hurte hym / and gawayn told
how he had foughten with that man / and eche of them hadde
hurte other / and how he had salues to hele them / but I can tel
le yow other tydynges / that soone we shal haue adoo with ma
ny enemyes / Thenne syre pryamus and syre gawayn alygh//
ted / and lete theire horses grase in the medowe and vnarmed
them / And thenne the blood ranne fresshly fro theyre woun//
des /

Milestone: Vial of the four waters given

And pryamus toke fro his page a vyolle ful of the four
waters that came oute of paradys / and with certayne baume
enoynted theyr woundes / and wesshe them with that water / &
within an houre after / they were both as hole as euer they we
re / And thenne with a trompet were they alle assembled to co//
unceylle / And there pryamus told vnto them / what lordes and
knyghtes had sworne to rescowe hym / and that without faill
they shold be assailled with many thousandes / wherfor he coun//
ceilled them to withdrawe them / Thenne syre gawayn sayd it
were grete shame to them to auoyde withoute ony strokes /
Wherfore I aduyse to take oure armes and to make vs redy
to mete with these sarasyns and mysbyleuyng men / and wyth

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