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Sig. k2r
Sig. k2r
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Sig. k2r
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that men with lytel payne myȝt entre in to the cyte / thēne cam
out a duchesse / & Clarysyn the countesse with many ladyes &
damoysels / and knelyng bifore kynge Arthur requyred hym
for the loue of god to receyue the cyte / & not to take it by assa//
ulte for thenne shold many gyltles be slayne / thēne the kyng
aualyd his vyser with a meke & noble coūtenaūce / & said ma//
dame ther shal none of my subgettys mysdoo you ne your ma//
ydens / ne to none that to yow longen / but the duke shal abyde
my Iugement / thenne anone the kyng commaunded to leue the
assault / & anon the dukes oldest sone brought out the keyes / &
knelyng delyuerd them to the kyng / & bysouȝt hym of grace / &
the kyng seased the toun by assent of his lordes / & toke the duc
& sent hym to douer there for to abyde prysoner terme of his lyf
& assigned certayn rentes for the dower of the duchesse & for
her children / Thenne he made lordes to rule tho londes & lawes
as a lord ought to do in his owne countrey / & after he took his
iourney toward Rome /

Milestone: King Arthur sends Sir Florens and Sir Floridas to conquer Virvyn

& sent sir Florys & syr florydas to fore
with v C men of armes / & they cam to the cyte of vrbyne & leid
there a busshement there as them semed most best for them / & ro
de to fore the toune / where anon yssued oute moche peple & scar
musshed with the fore rydars / thēne brake out the busshement &
wan the brydge & after the toun / & set vpon the wallis the kyn
ges baner /

Milestone: King Arthur enters city

thēne cam the kynge vpon an hille & sawe the Cyte
& his baner on the wallys / by whiche he knewe that the Cyte
was wonne / & anone he sente & commaunded that none of his
lyege men shold defoule ne lygge by no lady / wyf / ne maide / &
whan he cam in to the cyte / he passid to the castel / and comforted
them that were in sorou / & ordeyned ther a captayn a knyȝt of
his own coūtrey /

Milestone: Reaction of Milan

& whan they of Melane herd that thylk cyte
was wōne / they sent to kyng Arthur grete sōmes of money / &
besouȝt hym as their lord to haue pyte of them / promysyng to be
his subgettys for euer / & yelde to hym homage & fealte for the
lādes of plesaūce & pauye / petersaynt & the port of tremble / &
to gyue hym yerly a melyon of gold al his lyf tyme /

Milestone: King Arthur in Tuscany

thēne he
rydeth in to Tuskane & wynneth tounes & castels & wasted al
in his way that to hym wil not obeye / & so to spolute & viterbe
& fro thens he rode in to the vale of vycecoūte emong the vynes

Milestone: Senators recognise King Arthur as sovereign

And fro thens he sente to the senatours to wete / whether they
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