Examples of Methods of Corrections
Scribe AScribe B
SS 15, folio 21v/23
An example of Scrbe A attempting to correct his mistake by overwriting letters.
SS 17, folio 421 v.01
An example of Scribe A physically erasing some words.
SS 05, folio 13v/23SS 06, folio 242r/16
Examples of scribes correcting their writings in red ink.
SS 16, folio 36r/13SS 4, folio 82r/23
  • Scribal correction seems to have occurred in several stages. In fol. 36r/13, crossing out line in black is visible on 'to the', underneath the red crossing line. Part of the red crossing line is erased so that it reads 'seyde the kynge to'. In 82r/23, 'olde' was expuncted in black first, then crossed out in red ink.



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