What We Do

The project website, launched in February 2010, includes:

  • A colour digital facsimile of the whole of Winchester manuscript
  • Close-up digital images of some notable features of the manuscript
  • A detailed description of the Winchester manuscript and other scholarly commentaries
  • A colour digital facsimile of part of John Rylands Caxton copy
  • A detailed description of John Rylands Caxton copy and other scholarly commentaries
  • Our working bibliography, still a work in progress

The project focuses on the 'Roman War' Episode', of which Winchester and the Caxton differ considerably. Their discrepancies have been one of the major interests for the scholars interested in Malory's text since the discovery of the Winchester manuscript in 1934. The website therefore currently includes:

  • A transcription of the 'Roman War' Episode in Winchester
  • A transcription of Book V (the 'Roman War Episode') in John Rylands Caxton copy
  • References to Malory's sources of the 'Roman War Episode'
  • A full parallel edition of the 'Roman War' Episode - Coming Soon

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