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Folio 90v
Folio 90v
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vs both and sore be we hurte neuer lyke to recouer But͵ ta//
ke þᵘ hede m haynxman þᵗ he h no horne blow for and he
do thanʹ loke þᵗ he be hewynʹ on pecis for here hovys at͵ thy
honde a .C. of͵ good knyghtɤ þᵗ ar of͵ my retynew and to
a wayte vppon my persone. ffor and þᵘ be raught͵ wᵗ þᵗ rouȝt͵
raunsom noþer rede golde woƚƚ͵ they none aske ¶ Thanʹ
Sir Gawayne rode ouer a watir for to gyde hymʹ self͵ and þᵗ
worshypfuƚƚ͵ knyght͵ hym folowed sore wounded & so they
rode tylle they com to þeire ferys þᵗ were baytand hir horsys
In a low medow where lay many lordys lenyng͵ onʹ there
shyldys wᵗ lawȝyng and Iapyngʹ & many lowde wordys
Anone as sir wycharde was ware of sir Gawayne &
aspyed þᵗ he was hurte he wente towarde hym wepyngʹ
& wryngyngʹ his hondys ¶ Than Sir Gawayne tolde
hymʹ how he had macched wᵗ þᵗ myghty manʹ of͵ strengthe
therefore greve yow nat͵ good Sir for thouȝe my shylde
be now thirled & my sholdir shorne. yett͵ thys knyght͵ Sir
Pryamus hath͵ many perelouse woundys But͵ he hath͵ saluys
he seyth͵ þᵗ woƚƚ͵ hele vs bothe But͵ here is new note Inʹ
honde nere thanʹ ye wene fore by anʹ houre aftir none I
trow hit͵ woƚƚ͵ noy vs aƚƚ͵¶ Than sir Pryamus and Sir
Gawayne a lyght͵ bothe & lette hir horsys bayte In þᵉ fayre
medow Than they lette brayde of͵ hir basnettys & hir brode
shyldys thanʹ eythir bled so muche þᵗ euery manʹ had wondir þᵗ
they myght͵ sitte In þeire sadyls or stonde vppon erthe

Milestone: Vial of the four waters given

¶ Now
fecche me seyde Sir Pryamus my vyaƚƚ͵ þᵗ hangys by the
gurdyƚƚ͵ of͵ my haynxmanʹ for hit͵ is fuƚƚ͵ of͵ þᵉ floure of͵ þᵉ
iiij. good watyrs þᵗ passis fromʹ paradyse þᵉ mykyƚƚ͵ fruyte
In fallys þᵗ at͵ one day fede shaƚƚ͵ vs aƚƚ͵ ¶ Putt͵ þᵗ watir Inʹ
oure fleysɧ where þᵉ syde is tamed & we shaƚƚ͵ be hole wᵗ
Inʹ .iiij. houres Than they lette clense þeire woundys wᵗ colde