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Folio 83v
Folio 83v
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herte and recomforted his pepƚe and sette sore on oure
knyghtɤ ¶ Than sir Launcelot͵ and Sir Bors encountyrs
wᵗ hymʹ sone And wᵗ In a whyle as tellyth͵ þᵉ Romaynes
they had slayne of͵ þᵉ Saraȝens mo than .V. Mƚ And sir Kay
þᵉ kene had takynʹ a Captayne And Edwarde had takyn .ij//
Erlys and þᵉ Sawdon of͵ Surre yeldid hymʹ vp vnto Sir
Launcelot͵ And þᵉ Senatur of͵ Sautre yeldid hymʹ vnto sir

Milestone: The Romans and Saracens flee

¶ Whan þᵉ Romaynes & þᵉ Sareȝens aspyed how þe
game yode they fledde wᵗ aƚƚ͵hir myght͵ to hyde there hedis
¶ Thanʹ oure knyghtɤ folowed wᵗ a freysshe fare And slew
downe of͵ þᵉ Sareȝens. by hundrethis by the holt evyseAnd folowed wᵗ a freysshe fare ¶ And
Sir Launcelot͵ ded so grete dedys of͵ armys þᵗ day þᵗ sir Cador
and aƚƚ͵ þᵉ Romaynes had mervayle of͵ his myght͵ for þere was
noþer kynge Cayser noþer knyght͵ þᵗ day myght͵ stonde hymʹ
ony buffette þerefore was he honoured dayes of͵ his lyff͵ For
neuer ere or þᵗ day was he proved so weƚƚ͵For he and Sir
Bors and sir Lyonel. was but͵ late a fore at͵ an hyȝe feste
made aƚƚ͵.iij. knyghtɤ ¶ And thus were þᵉ Romaynes &
þᵉ Sareȝens slayne a downe clene save a fewe were reco//
virde þereby In to a lytyƚƚ͵ casteƚƚ͵. And than þᵉ nobƚe Renckys
of͵ þᵉ Rounde tabƚe there as þᵉ felde was toke vp hir good
bodyes of͵ þᵉ nobƚe knyghtɤ & garte sende themʹ vnto Kyngʹ
Arthure In to the erthe to be caste So they aƚƚ͵ rode vnto
Paryse and be leffte þᵉ presoners þere wᵗ the Pure proveste &
than they were delyuerde In to sure sauff͵garde. Thanʹ
euery knyght͵ toke a spere & dranke of͵ þᵉ colde wyne and
thanʹ fersely In a brayde returned vnto þᵉ kynge Anone he graythed hym and came to the batayle and ¶ Whan
þᵉ kynge his knyghtɤ sawe he was than meruelously reioy//
ced & cleyght͵ knyght͵ be knyght͵ In his armys & sayde aƚƚ͵
þᵉ worshyp In þᵉ worlde ye welde be my fayth͵ ¶ There
was neuer kyngʹ sauff͵ myselff͵ þᵗ welded evir such͵ knyȝtɤ