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Folio 83r
Folio 83r
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armys‧ And þere cōmaunded knyghtɤ to kepe weƚƚ͵ þᵉ corse ¶ Than
þᵉ kynge craked grete wordys on lowde & seyde one of͵yon prow//
de knyghtɤ is leyde fuƚƚ͵lowe ¶ yondir kyngʹ seyde sir Cador
carpis grete wordis‧ But & I may lyve or this dayes end I
shaƚƚ͵countir wᵗ yondir kynge so Cryste me helpe ¶ Sir seyde sir
Launcelot͵ meve you nat͵ to sore but͵ take yoᵅ spearʹ In yoᵅ honde
& we shaƚƚ͵you not͵ fayle

Milestone: Three knights attack the Romans and slay the King of Lybye and three great lords

¶ Than sir Cador Sir Launcelot͵ and
sir Bors the good men of͵ armys thes‧ .iij. feawtyrd þeire sperys
and threste Into þᵉ myddys & ran thorow oute þᵉ grete oste twy//
se oþer .iij. tymes‧ And whan þeire sperys were brokyn they swange
oute þeire swerdis & slowe of͵ nobƚe men of armys mo than anʹ .C.
And than they rode a yen to theire ferys ¶ Than a lowde the
kynge of͵ lybye cryed vnto sir Cador weƚƚ͵haue ye revenged
þᵉ deth͵ of͵ yoᵅ knyght͵ For I haue loste for one knyght͵ anʹ .C. by
vij. score. And there wᵗ þᵉ batayle be ganʹ to Ioyne & grete
slaughter þere was on þᵉ sarysens party but͵ thorow þᵉ nobƚe provesse
of͵ kyngʹ Arthurs knyghtɤ .x. were takyn & lad forth͵ as preso//
ners þᵗ greved sore sir Launcelot͵ Sir Cador and Sir Bors
þᵉ brym / ¶ The kynge of͵ Lybye be helde þeire dedis and sterte on
a sterne horse and vmbely closed oure knyghtɤ & drove
downe to þᵉ grounde many a good man . For þere was Sir Aladu//
slayne And also sir Ascamoᵅ sore wounded And Sir herawde
and sir heryngale hewynʹ to pecis And Sir Loveƚƚ͵ was takyn The deth͵of͵.iij.
knyghtɤ Sir Ala//
duke. Sir heraw
de & Sir Herynga

And sir Lyoneƚƚ͵ als‧ And nere had sir Clegis Sir Cleremon//
had nat͵ bene wᵗ þᵉ knyghthode of͵ Sir Launcelot͵ tho newe
made knyghtɤ had be slayne euerych one ¶ Than sir Cador ro//
de vnto þᵉ kyngʹ of͵ Lybye wᵗ a swerde weƚƚ͵ stelyd & smote hӯ
an hyȝe vppon þᵉ hede þᵗ þᵉ brayne folowed ¶ Now haste thow
seyde sir Cador corne boote a gaynewarde and þᵉ devyƚƚ͵ haue The deth͵ of͵ þᵉ
kingʹ of͵lybye

thy bonys þᵗ euer þᵘ were borne ¶ Than þᵉ Sowdan of͵ Surre
was wood wrothe . for þᵉ deth͵ of͵ þᵗ kynge grevid hymʹ at͵ his