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Folio 75v
Folio 75v
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aƚƚ blak͵ In a clowde And his pawys were as bygʹ as a
poste he was aƚƚ͵ to Rongeled wᵗ lugerande lokys And he
was the fowlyst͵ beste þᵗ euer ony manʹ sye he Romed and
rored so rudely þᵗ merveyle hit͵ were to telle ¶

Milestone: dragon

þᵉ dredfuƚƚ͵ dragonʹ dressyd hymʹ a yenste hym & come
In þᵉ wynde lyke a Faucon & freyshely strykis þᵉ Beare
and a gayne þᵉ gresly Beare kuttis wᵗ his grysly tuskɤ
þᵗ his breste and his brayre was bloode & hit͵ rayled
rede aƚƚ͵ ouer þᵉ see ¶ Than þᵉ worme wyndis away & fleis
vppon hyght͵ and com downe wᵗ such͵ a sowȝe & towched
the beare on þᵉ rydge þᵗ fro þᵉ toppe to þᵉ tayle was . x .
foote large & so he rentyth͵ the beare & breˉnys hymʹ
vp clene þᵗ aƚƚ͵ felle onʹ pouderʹ bothe þᵉ fleysɧ and the
bonys And so hit͵ flotered a brode on þᵉ see

Milestone: Philospherinterprets dream

¶ Anone the
kynge waked and was sore abasshed of͵ his dreme & In aƚƚ͵ haste he sente for
a wyse Philoȝopher and charged hymʹ to telle what͵ sygny//
fyed his dreme ¶ Sir seyde the Phyloȝopher þᵉ Dra//
þᵘ dremyste of͵ be tokyns thyne owne persone that͵
thus here sayles wᵗ thy syker knyghtɤ. And þᵉ coloure
of͵ his wyngys is thy kyngdomes þᵗ þᵘ haste wᵗ thy
knyghtɤ wonne. And his tayle þᵗ was aƚƚ͵ to tatered
sygnyfyed yoᵅ nobƚe knyghtɤ of͵ þᵉ Rounde tabƚe. And
the Beare that͵ þᵉ dragonʹ slowe a bove In the clowdis
be tokyns som tyraunte tyraunt(e){ }s þᵗ turmentis thy pepƚe oþer
þᵘ art͵ lyke to fyght͵ wᵗ som Gyaunte boldely In Batay//
le be thy self͵ a lone ¶ There fore of͵ this dredfuƚƚ͵
dreme drede þᵉ but͵ a lytyƚƚ͵ and care nat͵ now sir con//
querroure but͵ comforte thy self͵

Milestone: Land is sighted

¶ Than wᵗ In a
whyle they had a syght͵ of͵ þᵉ bankys of͵ Normandy
and at͵ þᵉ same tyde þᵉ kynge aryved at͵ Barfflete &
founde þere redy many of͵ his grete lordis as he had