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Folio 75r
Folio 75r
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hondis And aƚƚ͵ Inglonde holy to rule as themʹ selfe
demed beste ¶ And whan þᵉ kynge was anʹ horse bak͵
he seyde with an hyghe voyce In herynge of͵ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ lordis If͵ þᵗ I dye In this
Iurney here I make þᵉ Sir Constantyne My trew Ayre
for þᵘ arte nexte of͵ my kynʹ saue Sir Cadore thy fadir
And þerefore if͵ þᵗ I dey I woƚƚ͵ þᵗ ye be crowned kynge
¶ Ryght͵ so he sought͵ & his knyghtɤ towarde Sande//
where he founde be fore hym many galyard
knyghtɤ. for þere were þᵉ moste party of͵ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ rounde ta//
bƚe redy on þo bankɤ for to sayle whan þᵉ kynge lyked
¶ Than In aƚƚ͵ haste þᵗ myght͵ be they shypped þeire horsis
& harneyse & aƚƚ͵ maner of͵ ordynaunce þᵗ fallyth͵ for
þᵉ werre & tentys and pavylyons many were trussed
and so they shotte frome þᵉ bankɤ many grete caryckɤ
and many shyppes of͵ forestage wᵗ coggis and galeyes
& spӯnesse fuƚƚ͵ nobƚe wᵗ galeyes & galyottys Rowyngʹ
wᵗ many Ores. And thus they strekynʹ forth͵ In to
the stremys many sadde hunderthes‧›

Div: the dreme of͵ kynge Arthure - As the kynge was In his Cogʹ


Here folowyth͵ the dreme of͵ kynge Arthure‧›

Milestone: King Arthur dreams of dragon and bear

As the kynge was In his Cogʹ and lay In his Ca//
banʹ he felle In a sluˉberyngʹ & dremed how a
dredfuƚƚ͵ Dragon dud drenche muche of͵ his pepƚe
& com fleyngʹ one wynge oute of͵ þᵉ weste partyes and
his hede hym semed was enamyled wᵗ Asure and his
shuldyrs shone as þᵉ golde & his wombe was lyke may//
les of͵ a merveylous hew and his tayle was fulle of͵
tatyrs & his feete were florysshed as hit͵ were fyne
sable. And his clawys were lyke clene golde Andwᵗ an
hydeouse flame of͵ fyre þere flowe oute of͵ his mowth͵ lyke
as þᵉ londe & þᵉ watir had flawmed aƚƚ͵ on fyre ¶ Than
hymʹ semed þere com oute of͵ þᵉ oryent͵ a grymly Beare