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Folio 74r
Folio 74r
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Emperoure sente furth͵ his messyngers of͵ wyse olde knyȝtɤ
vnto a Contrey callyd Ambage And Arrage And vnto Aly//
to ynde to Ermony that͵ the Reverʹ of͵ Eufrate
rennys by. And to Assy Aufryke and Europe the large
and to Ertayne and Elamye to the oute yles to Arrabe Ar[ ]a(r)abe
to Egypte to Damaske and to Damyake and to noble
deukis & erlys. Also þᵉ kynge of͵ Cayer and of CapadosCapydos and þᵉ kyngʹ
of͵ Tars and of͵ Turke and of͵ Pounce and of͵ Pampoy//
And oute of͵ Preter Joɧnes londe. NoteThe bar of 'h' abbreviates 'a'; 'es' is abbreviated as a macron. Also þᵉ sowdonʹ of͵
Surre and frome Nero vnto Naȝareth͵ and frome Ga//
to Galely there come Sarysyns and be com sudgettis
vnto Rome So they come glydyngʹ In Galyes Also there
come þᵉ kynge of͵ Cypres and þᵉ Grekis were gadirde
& goodly arayed wᵗ þᵉ kynge of͵ Macidony and of͵ Calabe
and of͵ Catelonde bothe kyngɤ and deukɤ. And the kynge
of͵ Portyngale wᵗ many thousande Spaynardis

Milestone: Assembly of allies in Rome

¶ Thus
aƚƚ͵ thes kyngɤ and dukys and Admyrallys noblys assem//
bled wᵗ xvj . kyngɤ at͵ onys And so they com vnto Rome wᵗ
grete multytude of͵ pepƚe ¶ Whan þᵉ Emperoure vndirstood
þeire comynge he made redy aƚƚ͵ his noƀƚe Romaynes & aƚƚ͵
men of͵ warre be twyxte hym and flaundyrs

Milestone: Fifty Giants

¶ Also he
had gotyn wᵗ hymʹ fyffty gyauntys that͵ were engendirde
wᵗ fendis And aƚƚ͵ tho he lete ordeyne for to a wayte on his
persone and for to breke þᵉ frunte of the batayle of batayle of͵ þᵉ frunte of͵ Arthurs
knyghtɤ // But͵ they were so muche of͵ þeire bodyes þᵗ horsys
myght͵ nat͵ bere themʹ.

Milestone: Emperor Lucius attacks Cullayne and elsewhere

¶ And thus þᵉ Emperoure wᵗ aƚƚ͵ hys
horryƀƚe peple drew to passe Almayne to dystroy Arthur//
londys that͵ he wanʹ thorow warre of͵ his noƀƚe
knyghtɤ ¶ And so lucius com vnto Cullayne And þere by a
Castelle be Segys & wanne hit͵ wᵗ In a whyle & feffed
hit͵ wᵗ Saresyns. And thus lucius wᵗ In a whyle destryed