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Folio 73v
Folio 73v
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þere they shewed hymʹ þᵉ lettyrs of͵ kynge Arthure And
how he was þᵉ gastfullyst͵ gast[ ]ti(f)ullyst͵ manʹ that͵ euer they onʹ loked
¶ Whan þᵉ Emperoure lucius hadde redde þᵉ lettyrs and
vndir stoode them welle of͵ theire credence he fared as
a man were rased of͵ his wytte I wente þᵗ Arthure wold
haue obeyed you & serued you hymself vnto yoᵘʳ honde· for so hym welhe be
semed oþer ony kynge crystynde for to obey ony Senatoᵘʳ
þᵗ is sente fro my persone

Milestone: Roman senators relate what they have seen

¶ Sir sayde þᵉ Senatours lette
be suche wordis for þᵗ we haue ascaped on lyve we may
thonke god euer. ffor we wolde nat͵ passe a yen to do that͵
message for aƚƚ͵ yoᵘʳ brode londis. And þerefore Sirres
truste to oure sawys ye shaƚƚ͵ fynde hymʹ yoᵘʳ uttir ene//
mye and seke ye hym and ye lyste for Inʹ to this londis
woƚƚ͵ he com & þᵗ shaƚƚ͵ ye fynde wᵗ In this half͵ yere
for he thynkys to be Emperoure hym self͵. ffor he seyth͵
ye haue ocupyed þᵉ empyre wᵗ grete wronge/ for aƚƚ͵
his trew auncettryes sauff͵ his fadir Vther were Emper//
oures of͵ Rome And of͵ aƚƚ͵ þᵉ soueraynes that͵ we sawe euer
he is the Royallyst͵ kynge þᵗ lyvyth͵ onʹ erthe ¶ ffor we
sawe onʹ Newerys day at͵ his rounde taƀƚe .ix. kyngis
and þᵉ fayryst͵ felyship of͵ knyghtɤ ar wᵗ hymʹ that͵ durys
on lyve And þereto of͵ wysedome and of͵ fayre speche and
aƚƚ͵ Royalte and Rychesse they fayle of͵ none

Milestone: Roman senators advise Emperor Lucius

¶ There
fore Sir be my counsayle rere vp yoᵘʳ lyege pepƚe and
sende kyngɤ and dewkɤ to loke vnto yoᵘʳ marchis And þᵗ
the mountaynes of͵ Almayne be myghtyly kepte

Milestone: Emperor Lucius plans attack

¶ Be
Estir seyde the Emperoure I caste me for to passe Almayne
And so furth͵ In to fraunce and þere be reve hymʹ his londis
I shaƚƚ͵ brynge wᵗ me many gyauntys of͵ Geene that͵ one
of͵ themʹ shaƚƚ͵ be worth͵ anʹ . C . of͵ knyghtɤ And the perleous pas//
sage shaƚƚ͵ be surely kepte wᵗ my good knyghtɤ

Milestone: Emperor Lucius appeals to Romes subjects