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Sig. i4v
Sig. i4v
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Sig. i4v
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with these wordes / and pulled oute his swerd and smote of
his hede / And therwith torned theyr horses and rode ouer wa
ters and thurgh woodes tyl they came to theyre busshement /
where as syr Lyonel and syr Bedeuer were houyng /

Milestone: Sir Boyce slays Calleborne

The ro//
mayns folowed fast after on horsbak and on foote ouer a chā
payn vnto a wood / thenne syre Boors torned his hors / and
sawe a knyghte come fast on / whome he smote thurgh the bo//
dy with a spere that he fylle dede doune to the erthe / thenne cam
Callyburne one of the strengest of pauye and smote doun ma
ny of Arthurs knyghtes / And whan syr Bors sawe hym do
soo moche harme he adressyd toward hym & smote hym thurȝ
the brest that he fylle doune dede to the erthe /

Milestone: Sir Gawayne slays Sir Feldenake

Thenne syr Fel//
denak thought to reuenge the dethe of gaynus vpon syre Ga
wayn / but syre gawayn was ware therof and smote hym on
the hede / whiche stroke stynted not tyl it came to his breste /
And thenne he retorned and came to his felawes in the bus//
shement /

Milestone: none

Milestone: King Arthur's knights ambush the Romans

And there was a recountre / for the busshement brake
on the Romayns / and slewe and hewe doune the Romayns
and forced the Romayns to flee and retorne / whome the no//
ble knyghtes chaced vnto theyr tentes /

Milestone: Sir Borce and Sir Bers are taken prisoner

Thenne the Romayns
gadred more peple / and also foote men cam on / and ther was
a newe bataille and soo moche peple that syr Bors and syr
Berel were taken /

Milestone: Sir Gawayne and Sir Idres rescue Sir Borce and Sir Bers

but whan syre gawayn sawe that / he tooke
with hym syre Idrus the good knyght and sayd he wold ne
uer see kynge Arthur but yf he rescued them / and pulled out
galatyn his good swerd / and folowed them that ledde tho ij
knyghtes awaye / and he smote hym that lad syre Bors / and
took syr Bors fro hym and delyuerd hym to his felawes /
And syre Idrus in lyke wyse rescowed syre Berel /

Milestone: Sir Gawayne sends for help

beganne the bataill to be grete that oure knyȝtes were in grete
Ieopardy / wherfore syre Gawayn sente to kyng Arthur for so
cour and that he hye hym for I am sore wounded / and that
oure prysoners may paye good oute of nombre / And the mes
sager came to the kyng and told hym his message / And anon
the kynge dyd doo assemble his armye / but anone or he depar
ted the prysoners were comen / and syre gawayn and his fe//
lawes gate the felde and put the Romayns to flyght / and af
ter retorned and came with their felauship in suche wyse / that

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