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Sig. i4r
Sig. i4r
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Sig. i4r
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on the same hylle in the worship of saynte Mychel /

Milestone: The Marchall of France appeals for help

¶ And
on the morne the kynge remeuyd with his grete bataylle / and
came in to Champayne and in a valeye / and there they pyght
their tentys / and the kynge beynge set at his dyner / ther cam
in two messagers / of whome that one was Marchal of fraūce
and sayd to the kyng that themperour was entryd in to fra//
unce / and had destroyed a grete parte and was in Burgoyn
and had destroyed and made grete slaughter of peple & brente
townes and borowes / wherfor yf thou come not hastely / they
must yelde vp their bodyes and goodes /

Div: How kyng Arthur sente syr gawayn & other to lucius / & how they were assaylled & escaped wyth worshyp


¶Capitulum sextum

Milestone: King Arthur sends embassy to Emperor Lucius

THenne the kynge dyd doo calle syre Gawayne / syre
Borce / syr Lyonel and syre Bedewere / and comma//
unded them to goo strayte to syre Lucius / and saye ye
to hym that hastely he remeue oute of my land / And yf he wil
not / bydde hym make hym redy to bataylle and not distresse the
poure peple / Thenne anone these noble knyghtes dressyd them
to horsbak / And whanne they came to the grene wood / they sa
we many pauelions sette in a medowe of sylke of dyuerse co
lours besyde a ryuer / And themperours pauelione was in the
myddle with an egle displayed aboue / To the whiche tente
our knyghtes rode toward / and ordeyned syr Gawayn and
syre Bors to doo the message / And lefte in a busshement syre
Lyonel / and syre Bedwere / And thenne syre Gawayn and
syr Borce dyd their message / and commaunded Lucius in Ar
thurs name to auoyde his lond / or shortly to adresse hym to ba
taylle / To whome Lucius ansuerde and sayd ye shalle retorne
to your lord and saye ye to hym that I shall subdue hym and
alle his londes / Thenne syre Gawayn was wrothe and sayde
I hadde leuer than alle Fraunce fyghte ageynste the / and
soo hadde I saide syr Borce leuer than alle Bretayne or bur//

Milestone: Sir Gawayne slays Sir Gayus

¶ Thenne a knyght named syre Gaynus
nyghe cosyn to the Emperour sayde / loo how these Bretons ben
ful of pryde and boost / and they bragge as though they bare
vp alle the worlde / Thenne syre Gawayne was sore greued
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