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Sig. i2v
Sig. i2v
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Sig. i2v
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of this dredeful dreme doubte the no thynge / but as a Con//
queror come forth thy self /

Milestone: Land is sighted

Thenne after this soone they had
syghte of londe and saylled tyl they arryued atte Barflete
in Flaundres / and whanne they were there he fond many
of his grete lordes redy / as they had ben commaunded to awa//
yte vpon hym

Div: How a man of the contreye tolde to hym of a meruayllous aunte & how he faught & conquerd hym


¶Capitulum v

Milestone: Husbond man tells of Giant

THenne came to hym an husbond man of the countrey /
and told hym how there was in the countre of Con//
stantyn besyde Bretayne a grete gyaunt whiche hadde
slayne murthered and deuoured moche peple of the countreye
and had ben susteyned seuen yere with the children of the co//
myns of that land / in soo moche that alle the children ben alle
slayne and destroyed /

Milestone: The Giant and the Duchess of Brittany

and now late he hath taken the duchesse
of Bretayne as she rode with her meyne / and hath ledde her
to his lodgynge whiche is in a montayne for to rauysshe and
lye by her to her lyues ende / and many people folowed her
moo than v C / but alle they myghte not rescowe her / but they
lefte her shrykyng and cryenge lamentably / wherfore I sup//
pose than he hath slayn her in fulfyllynge his fowle lust of le//
chery / She was wyf vnto thy Cosyn syre Howel / whome we
calle ful nyhe of thy blood / Now as thow a ryghtful kynge
haue pyte on this lady / and reuenge vs al as thow arte a no
ble conquerour /

Milestone: King Arthur replies 2

¶ Alas sayd kynge Arthur / this is a grete
meschyef / I had leuer than the best Royame that I haue /
that I hadde ben a forlonge way to fore hym for to haue resco//
wed that lady /¶ Now felawe sayd kynge
Arthur canst thou brynge me there as thys gyaunt haunteth /
ye syre sayd the good man / loo yonder where as thow seest tho
two grete fyres / there shalt thou fynde hym / and more tresour
than I suppose is in al Fraunce / whanne the kynge hadde vn
derstanden this pyteous caas / he retorned in to his tente /

Milestone: King Arthur, Sir Kay and Sir Bedwere ride to Mont Saint Michele

¶ Thenne he callyd to hym syre kaye and syre Bedewere / &
commaunded them secretely to make redy hors and harneis for
hym self and them tweyne / For after euensonge he wold
ryde on pylgremage with them two only vnto saynt Mychels

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