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Sig. i2r
Sig. i2r
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Div: How kyng Arthur beyng shypped & lyeng in his caban had a meruayllous dreme / & of thexposycion therof


Sig. i2r
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¶Capitulum iiij

Milestone: King Arthur dreams of dragon and bear

ANd as the kyng laye in his caban in the shyp / he fyll
in a slomerynge and dremed a merueyllous dreme /
hym semed that a dredeful dragon dyd drowne moche of his
peple / and he cam fleynge oute of the west / and his hede was
enameled with asure / and his sholders shone as gold / his be
ly lyke maylles of a merueyllous hewe / his taylle ful of tat
ters / his feet ful of fyne sable / & his clawes lyke fyne gold
And an hydous flamme of fyre flewe oute of his mouthe /
lyke as the londe and water had flammed all of fyre / After
hym semed there came oute of thoryent / a grymly bore al blak
in a clowde / and his pawes as bygge as a post / he was rug//
ged lokynge roughly / he was the foulest beest that euer man
sawe / he rored and romed soo hydously that it were merueill
to here /

Milestone: dragon

Thenne the dredeful dragon auaunced hym and cam in
the wynde lyke a fawcon gyuynge grete strokes on the bore /
and the bore hytte hym ageyne with his grysly tuskes / that
his brest was al blody / and that the hote blood made alle the
see reed of his blood /
Thenne the dragon flewe awey al on a heyȝte / and come dou
ne with suche a swough and smote the bore on the rydge whi//
che was x foote large fro the hede to the taylle / and smote the
bore all to powdre bothe flesshe and bonys / that it flytteryd al
abrode on the see /

Milestone: Philospher interprets dream

And therwith the kynge awoke anone / and
was sore abasshed of this dreme / And sente anone for a wyse
philosopher / commaundynge to telle hym the sygnyfycacion of
his dreme / Syre sayd the philosopher / the dragon that thow
dremedest of / betokeneth thyn owne persone that sayllest here / &
the colours of his wynges ben thy Royames that thow haste
wonne / And his taylle whiche is al to tatterd sygnefyeth the
noble knyghtes of the round table ¶ And the
bore than the dragon slough comyng fro the clowdes / betokeneth
some tyraunt that tormenteth the peple / or els thow arte lyke
to fyghte with somme Geaunt thy self / beynge horryble and ab
homynable whoos pere ye sawe neuer in your dayes / wherfore
i ij

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