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Sig. h8v
Sig. h8v
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Sig. h8v
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agreed to make warre / and to ayde after their power / that is
to wete the lord of westwalis promysed to brynge xxx M men

Milestone: Sir Ewan and son Ider speak

And syr Vwayne / syre Ider his sone with their cosyns pro//
mysed to brynge xxx M /

Milestone: Sir Launcelot speaks

thenne syre launcelot with alle other
promysed in lyke wyse euery man a grete multytude /

Milestone: King Arthur speaks to Roman ambassadors

ΒΆ And
whan kynge Arthur vnderstood theire courages and good
wylles / he thanked them hertely / and after lete calle thembas//
satours to here theire ansuere / And in presence of alle his lor//
des and knyghtes he sayd to them in thys wyse / I wylle that
ye retorne vnto your lord and procurour of the comyn wele for
the Romayns / and saye ye to hym Of his demaunde and com
maundement I sette nothyng / And that I knowe of no tru
age ne trybute that I owe to hym / ne to none erthely prynce /
Crysten ne hethen / but I pretende to haue and occupye the so//
ueraynte of thempyre / wherin I am entytled by the ryght of
my predecessours somtyme kynges of this lond / and saye to
hym that I am delybered and fully concluded to goo wyth
myn armye with strengthe and power vnto Rome by the gra
ce of god to take possession in thempyre / and subdue them that
ben rebelle / wherfore I commaunde hym and alle them of Ro
me that incontynent they make to me their homage & to knou
leche me for their Emperour and gouernour vpon payne that
shalle ensiewe / And thenne he commaunded his tresorer to gy
ue to them grete and large yeftes / and to paye alle theyr dis
pencys / and assygned syre Cador to conueye them oute of the
land /


Milestone: none

Milestone: Ambassadors return

and soo they took theire leue and departed / and tooke
theyr shyppynge at Sandwyche / and passed forthe by flaun//
drys / Almayn / the montayns / and all ytalye vntyl they cam
vnto Lucius / And after the reuerence made / they made relacy//
on of their ansuer lyke as ye to fore haue herd / whan thempe
rour Lucyus had wel vnderstonde theyre credence / he was sore
meued as he had ben al araged / & sayd / I had supposed that
Arthur wold haue obeyed to my commaundement / and haue
serued yow hym self / as hym wel bysemed or ony other kyng
to doo /

Milestone: Roman senators relate what they have seen

O syre sayd one of the senatours late be suche vayn wor
des / for we late yow wete that I and my felawes were ful
sore aferd to beholde his countenaunce / I fere me ye haue made
a rodde for your self / for he entendeth to be lord of this empyre

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