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Sig. h8r
Sig. h8r
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Sig. h8r
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kynge commaunded that none of them vpon payne of dethe to
myssaye them ne doo them ony harme / and commaūded a kny//
ghte to brynge them to their lodgynge / and see that they haue
alle that is necessary and requysyte for them / with the best che
re / and that noo deyntee be spared / For the Romayns ben gre
te lordes / and though theyr message please me not ne my court
yet I must remembre myn honour /

Milestone: Knights_of_Round_Table

¶ After this the kyng le//
te calle alle his lordes and knyghtes of the round table to co
unceyl vpon this mater / and desyred them to saye theire ad//
uys /

Milestone: Sir Cador speaks

thenne syr Cador of Cornewaile spacke fyrste and sayd
Syre this message lyketh me wel / for we haue many dayes re
sted vs and haue ben ydle / and now I hope ye shalle make
sharp warre on the Romayns where I doubte not we shal ge
te honour /

Milestone: King Arthur replies

NoteCould e2v23-28 also parallel milestone 17? I byleue wel sayd Arthur that this mater pleaseth
the wel / but these ansuers may not be ansuerd / for the dema//
unde greueth me sore / For truly I wyl neuer paye truage to
Rome / wherfore I pray yow to counceylle me /

Milestone: King Arthur's claim to Empire

I haue vnder//
stande that Bellinus and Brenius kynges of Bretayne ha
ue had tempyre in their handes many dayes / And also Con//
stantyn the sone of Heleyne / whiche is an open euydence that
we owe noo trybute to Rome / but of ryght we that ben des//
cended of them haue ryght to clayme the tytle of thempyre /

Div: How the kynges and lordes promysed to kyng Arthur ayde and helpe ageynst the Romayns


¶ Capitulum Secundum

Milestone: King Angwysshaunc speaks

NoteIs this section (and poss the following 2 or so) paralleled in Chron e3r8-e3r16?
THenne ansuerd kynge Anguysshe of Scotland / Syr
ye oughte of ryght to be aboue al other kynges / for
vnto yow is none lyke ne pareylle in Crystendome / of knyȝt//
hode ne of dygnyte / & I counceylleyou neuer to obeye the Ro//
mayns / for whan they regned on vs / they destressyd oure el//
ders / and putte this land to grete extorcions & taylles / wher
fore I make here myn auowe to auenge me on them / and for
to strengthe youre quarel I shal furnysshe xy M good men
of warre and wage them on my costes / whiche shal awayte
on yow with my self whan it shal please yow /

Milestone: King of Little Brittany speaks

and the kyng
of lytel Bretayne graunted hym to the same xxx M / wher
for kynge Arthur thanked them /

Milestone: Lord of West Wales speaks

And thenne euery man

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