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Sig. i1v
Sig. i1v
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Sig. i1v
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and after destroyed many fayr countrees / whiche Arthur had
wonne of kyng Claudas / And thus Lucius cam with alle
his hoost whiche were disperplyd lx myle in brede / and com//
maunded them to mete with hym in Burgoyne / for he purpo
sed to destroye the Royame of lytyl Bretayne /

Div: How kyng Arthur helde a parlement at yorke & how he ordeyned how the royame shold be gouerned in his abscence


¶Capitulo tercio

Milestone: King Arthur holds a parliament at York

NOw leue we of Lucius the emperour and speke we of
kynge Arthur / that commaunded alle them of his re//
tenue to be redy atte vtas of hyllary for to holde a parlement
at yorke / And at that parlement was concluded to areste alle
the nauye of the lond and to be redy within xv dayes at sand
wyche / and there he shewed to his armye how he purposed to
conquere thempyre whiche he ought to haue of ryght /

Milestone: Two chieftains are ordained

NoteIn Chron e3r16-e3r20 the realm and the Queen are put in the care of Mordred. And the//
re he ordeyned two gouernours of his Royame that is to say
Syre Bawdewyn of Bretayne for to counceille to the best and
syr Constantyn sone to syre Cador of Cornewaylle / whiche af
ter the dethe of Arthur was kyng of this Royamme / And in
the presence of alle his lordes he resyned the rule of the roya//
me and Gweneuer his quene to them /

Milestone: Sir Trystrams

wherfore syre launcelot
was wrothe / for he lefte syre Trystram with kynge marke for
the loue of beal Isoulde /

Milestone: Sorrow of Queen Gwenyuer

Thenne the quene Gweneuer made gre
te sorowe for the departynge of her lord and other / and swou
ned in suche wyse that the ladyes bare her in to her chambre

Milestone: King Arthur departs

Thus the kyng with his grete armye departed leuyng the que
ne and Royamme in the gouernaunce of syre Bawduyn and
Constantyn / And whan he was on his hors / he sayd with an
hyhe voys yf I dye in this iourney I wyl that syre Constan
tyn be myn heyer and kyng crowned of this royame as next
of my blood / And after departed and entred in to the see atte
Sandwyche with alle his armye with a greete multitude of
shyppes / galeyes / Cogges / and dromoundes / sayllynge on the
see /

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