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Sig. i1r
Sig. i1r
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Sig. i1r
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wɧiche sore is to be doubted yf he come / for he is al another mā
than ye wene / and holdeth the most noble courte of the world
alle other kynges ne prynces maye not compare vnto his no//
ble mayntene / On newe yeres daye we sawe hym in his estate
whiche was the ryallest that euer we sawe / for he was serued
at his table with ix kynges / and the noblest felauship of other
prynces lordes and knyghtes that ben in the world / and eue
ry knyghte approued and lyke a lord and holdeth table roūd
And in his persone the moost manly man that lyueth / and is
lyke to conquere alle the world / for vnto his courage it is to
lytel /

Milestone: Roman senators advise Emperor Lucius

wherfore I aduyse yow to kepe wel youre marches and
straytes in the montayns / For certaynly he is a lord to be do//
ubted /

Milestone: Emperor Lucius plans attack

Wel sayd Lucius bifore Eester I suppose to passe the
moūtayns and soo forth in to fraunce / and there byreue hym
his londes with Ianeweyes and other myghty warryours of
Tuskane and lombardye /

Milestone: Emperor Lucius appeals to Rome's subjects

And I shall sende for them all that
ben subgettys and alyed to thēpyre of Rome to come to myn
ayde / and forthwith sente old wyse knyghtes vnto these coun//
trayes / folowynge / fyrste to ambage and arrage / to Alysaun//
drye / to ynde. to hermonye / where as the ryuer of Eufrates ren//
neth in to Asye / to Auffryke / and Europe the large / to erta//
yne and Elamye to Arabye / Egypte and to damaske / to da//
myete and Cayer / to Capadoce / to tarce / Turkye / pounce / and
pampoylle / to Surrye and gallacye / And alle these were sub//
gette to Rome and many moo / as Grece / Cypres / Macydone /
Calabre / Cateland / portyngale with many thousandes of spay
nardys /

Milestone: Assembly of allies in Rome

Thus alle these kynges / dukes / and admyrals assem
bled aboute Rome with xvj kynges attones with grete mul//
tytude of peple / whan themperour vnderstood their comyng / he
made redy his Romayns / and alle the peple bytwene hym &

Milestone: Fifty Giants

¶ Also he hadde goten wyth
hym fyfty Geaunts whiche had ben engendred of fendys
And they were ordeyned to garde his persone / and to breke
the frounte of the bataylle of kynge Arthur /

Milestone: Emperor Lucius attacks Cullayne and elsewhere

And thus departed fro Rome and came doune the montayns
for to destroye the londes that Arthur had conquerd and cam
vnto Coleyne / and byseged a Castel there by / and wanne it
soone and stuffed hit with two honderd sarasyns or Infydeles
i j

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