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Folio 95v
Folio 95v
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neuer yoᵅ soueraynte to be alledged wᵗ yoᵅ subiectɤ noþer the
soueraygne of͵ yoᵅ persone and londys ¶ Also þᵉ myghty
kynge Claudas I gyff͵ you for to parte be twyxte you
evyn for to mayntene yoᵅ kynrede þᵗ be noble knyghtɤ
So þᵗ ye and they to þᵉ rounde tabƚe make yoᵅ repeyre
¶ Sir Launcelot͵ and Sir Bors de gaynys thanked
þᵉ kynge fayre and sayde þeire hertɤ & seruyse sholde euer
be his owne ¶ Where art͵ þᵘ Priamus͵ thy fee is yet͵
be hynde / here I make þᵉ and gyff͵ þᵉ deukedom of͵
Lorayne for euer vnto þᵉ and thyne ayres‧› And whan
we com in to Ingelonde for to purvey the of͵ horse
mete and a M  . ƚi quarterly for to mayntene thy
seruauntɤ so þᵘ leve not͵ my felyship this gyffte ys
thyne owne ¶ The knyght͵ thankys þᵉ kynge wᵗ
a kynde wylle and sayde as longe as I lyve my ser//
vys is youre owne ¶ Thus þᵉ kynge gaff͵ many
londys there was none þᵗ wolde aske þᵗ myghte
playne of͵ his parte . ffor of͵ Rychesse & welth͵ they
had aƚƚ͵ at͵ her wylle

Milestone: Knights ask to return home

¶ Than the knyghtɤ & lordis
þᵗ to þᵉ kynge longis Called a counsayle vppon a
fayre morne and sayde Sir kynge we be seche
the for to here vs aƚƚ͵ we ar vndir youre lordship
weƚƚ͵ stuffid blyssed be god of͵ many thyngɤ And [ ]A(a)nd also
we haue wyffis weddid we woƚƚ͵ be seche youre
good grace to Reles vs‧› to sporte vs wᵗ oure wyffis
for worshyp be Cryste this Iourney is weƚƚ͵ ouercom
ye say weƚƚ͵ seyde þᵉ kynge for I nowȝe is as good
as a feste for to attemte god ouer muche I holde
hit͵ not͵ wysedomʹ ¶ And þerefore make you aƚƚ͵ redy
and turne we in to Ingelonde ¶ Than there was
trussynge of͵ harneyse wᵗ caryage fuƚƚ͵ nobƚe and þᵉ