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Sig. i6v
Sig. i6v
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Sig. i6v
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he smote hym ageyne with Excalibur that it clefte his hede fro
the somette of his hede / and stynted not tyl it cam to his breste
And thenne themperour fylle doune dede / and there ended his
lyf /

Milestone: King Arthur and knights mount attack against Romans and Saracens

And whan it was knowen that themperour was slayne
anone alle the Romayns with all their hoost put them to fly//
ght / and kynge Arthur with alle his knyghtes folowed the
chaas / and slewe doune ryght alle them that they myghte at//
teyne / And thus was the vyctory gyuen to kynge Arthur &
the tryumphe / and there were slayne on the party of Lucius
moo than an honderd thousand /

Milestone: King Arthur and his knights bury men lost

And after kyng Arthur dyd
doo ransake the dede bodyes / and dyd doo burye them that were
slayne of his retenue euery man accordynge to thestate & de//
gree that he was of / And them that were hurte he lete the sur//
gyens doo serche their hurtes and woundes / and commaun//
ded to spare no salues ne medecynes tyl they were hole /

Milestone: King Arthur rides to Emperor Lucius

Thenne the kyng rode strayte to the place where themperour lu
cius lay dede / and with hym he fond slayne the Sowdan of
Surrey / the kynge of Egypte and of Ethyope / whiche we//
re two noble kynges with xvij other kynges of dyuerse regy/
/ons / and also syxty senatours of Rome al noble men / whome
the kynge dyd do bawme and gomme with many good gom//
mes aromatyk / and after dyd do cere them in syxty fold of ce
red clothe of Sendale / and leyd them in chestys of leed / by ca//
use they shold not chauffe ne sauoure / and vpon alle these bo//
dyes their sheldes with theire armes and baners were sette / to
thende they shold be knowen of what country they were /

Milestone: Three Senatours of Rome

after he fonde thre Senatours whiche were on lyue to whome
he sayd / for to saue your lyues I wylle that ye take these dede
bodyes / and carye them with yow vnto grete Rome / and pre//
sente them to the potestate on my behalue shewynge hym my let
ters / and telle them that I in my persone shal hastely be atte
Rome / And I suppose the Romayns shalle beware how they
shal demaunde ony trybute of me / And I commaunde yow to
saye whan ye shal come to Rome to the potestate and all the
counceylle and Senate / that I sende to them these dede bodyes
for the trybute that they haue demaunded / And yf they be not
content with these / I shal paye more at my comynge / for other
trybute owe I none / ne none other wylle I paye / And me

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