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Sig. i5v
Sig. i5v
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Sig. i5v
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vaynquysshed the bataylle / he enbraced them knyght by knyȝte
in his armes and said ye be worthy to welde all your honour
and worship / there was neuer kynge sauf my self that had so
noble knyghtes / Syre sayd Cador there was none of vs fail
led other / but of the prowesse and manhode of syre Launcelot
were more than wonder to telle / and also of his cosyns whi
che dyd that daye many noble feates of werre /

Milestone: Sir Cador tells King Arthur of men lost

And also syre
Cador tolde who of his knyghtes were slayne / as syr beriel &
other syr Morys and syr Maurel two good knyghtes / then//
ne the kynge wepte and dryed his eyen with a keuerchyef / &
sayd your courage had nere hand destroyed yow / For though
ye had retorned ageyne / ye had lost no worship / For I calle
hit foly / knyghtes to abyde whan they be ouermatched / Nay
sayd Launcelot and the other / For ones shamed maye neuer
be recouerd

Div: How a senatour tolde to Lucius of their dyscomfyture / & also of the grete batayl betwene Arthur & Lucius


¶ Capitulmm viij

Milestone: Senatour escapes to Emperor Lucius

NOw leue we kynge Arthur and his noble knyghtes
whiche had wonne the felde / and had brought theyre
prysoners to parys / and speke we of a senatour whiche esca//
ped fro the bataille / and came to Lucius themperour & sayd to
hym / Syre emperour I aduyse the for to withdrawe the / what
dost thow here / thow shalt wynne noo thynge in these marches
but grete strokes oute of al mesure / For this day one of Ar//
thurs knyghtes was worth in the batayll an honderd of ours
Fy on the sayd Lucius thow spekest cowardly / for thy wor//
des greue me more than alle the bosse that I had this day /

Milestone: King Arthur occupies Sessoyne

anone he sende forth a kynge whiche hyghte syr leomye with a
grete armye / and badde hym hye hym fast to fore / and he wold
folowe hastely after / kynge Arthur was warned pryuely / &
sente his peple to Sessoyne / and toke vp the townes & castels
fro the Romayns /


Milestone: King commands Cador

Thenne the kyng commaunded syr Cador to
take the rereward / & to take with hym certayne knyghtes of
the round table / and syre Launcelot / syre Bors / syr kay / syre
Marrok with syre Marhaus shalle awayte on our persone /
Thus the kynge Arthur disperplyd his hoost in dyuerse par
tyes / to thende that his enemyes shold not escape / whanne the

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