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Sig. i8r
Sig. i8r
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Sig. i8r
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neuer be staunched of bledynge / Thenne ansuerd gawayn hit
greueth me but lytyl / thy grete wordes shalle not feare me ne
lasse my courage / but thow shalt suffre tene and sorow or we
departe / but telle me in hast who maye staunche my bledynge /
That may I doo sayd the knyght yf I wylle / And so wyll
I yf thou wylt socoure and ayde me that I maye be crystned
and byleue on god / And therof I requyre the of thy man//
hode / and it shalle be grete meryte for thy soule I graunte sa//
id Gawayne so god helpe me taccomplysshe alle thy desyre /
But fyrst telle me what thou soughtest here thus allone / and
of what londe and legeaunce thou arte of / Syre he sayd my na
me is Pryamus / and a grete prynce is my fader / and he hath
ben rebelle vnto Rome and ouer ryden many of theyr londes /
My fader is lyneally descended of Alysaunder and of hector
by ryght lygne / And duke Iosue and Machabeus were of
oure lygnage / I am ryght enherytour of Alysaunder and au
ffryke and alle the oute yles / yet wyl I byleue on thy lord
that thow byleuest on / And for thy laboure I shalle yeue the
tresour ynough / I was soo elate and hauteyn in my hert that
I thought no man my pere ne to me semblable / I was sente
in to this werre with seuen score knyghtes / and now I haue
encountred with the whiche hast gyuen to me of fyghtyng my
fylle / wherfore syr knyghte I pray the to telle me what thow
arte /

Milestone: Sir Gawayne reveals identity

I am no knyght sayd gawayn / I haue ben brought vp
in the garderobe with the noble kynge Arthur many yeres for
to take hede to his armour and his other araye / and to poyn//
te his paltockes that longen to hym self / At yole last he made
me yoman and gaf to me hors and harneys and an honderd
pound in money / And yf fortune be my frend / I doubte not /
but to be wel auaunced and holpen by my lyege lord / A sa//
yd Pryamus / yf his knauys be so kene and fyers / his knyȝ//
tes ben passynge good / Now for the kynges loue of heuen whe
ther thou be a knaue or a knyghte telle thou me thy name /
By god sayd syre Gawayn / Now wyl I saye the sothe / my
name is syre gawayn and knowen I am in his courte and in
his chambre / and one of the knyghtes of the round table / he
dubbed me a duke with his owne hand / Therfore grutche not
yf this grace is to me fortuned / hit is the goodnesse of god

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