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Sig. i7r
Sig. i7r
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Sig. i7r
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thynketh this suffyseth for Bretayne / Irlond and al Almā//
yne with germanye / And ferthermore I charge yow to saye
to them / that I commaunde them vpon payne of theyre hedes ne
uer to demaunde trybute ne taxe of me ne of my londes
Thenne with this charge and commaundement the thre Sena//
tours afore sayd departed with alle the sayd dede bodyes le//
ynge the body of Lucius in a carre couerd with tharmes of the
Empyre al alone / And after alwey two bodyes of kynges in
a charyot / and thenne the bodyes of the Senatours after them

Milestone: Three Senatours return to Podestate

and soo wente toward Rome / and shewed theyr legacyon &
message to the potestate and Senate / recountyng the bataylle
done in Fraunce / and how the feld was lost and moche peo//
ple & Innumerable slayne / wherfore they aduysed them in no
wyse to meue no more warre ageynste that noble conqueroure
Arthur / For his myght and prowesse is most to be doubted
seen the noble kynges and grete multytude of knyghtes of
the round table / to whome none erthely prynce may compare /

Div: How Arthur after he had achyeued the batayl ayenst the Romayns entred in to almayn & so in to ytalye


¶ Capitulo nono

Milestone: Passage of King Arthur

NOw torne we vnto kynge Arthur and his noble kny//
ghtes whiche after the grete bataylle acheued ageynste
the Romayns / entryd in to Lorayne braban and Flaundres
and sythen retorned in to hault Almayn / and so ouer the mō
tayns in to lombardye /

Milestone: King Arthur lays seige to city in Tuscany

and after in to Tuskane / wherin was
a Cyte / whiche in no wyse wold yelde them self ne obeye / wher
fore kynge Arthur biseged it / and lay longe aboute hit / and
gaf many assaultes to the Cyte / And they within deffended
them valyauntly /

Milestone: King Arthur sends men for supplies

Thenne on a tyme the kynge called syr flo//
rence a knyght / and sayd to hym they lacked vytaylle / and
not ferre from hens ben grete forestes and woodes / wherin ben
many of myn enemyes with moche bestyayl / I wyl that thou
make the redy and goo thyder in foreyeng / and take with the
syr Gawayn my neuew / Syre wysshard / syre Clegys / Syre
Cleremond and the Captayn of Cardef with other / & brynge
with yow alle the beestes that ye there can gete / And anone
these knyghtes made them redy / and rode ouer holtys & hyllys
thurgh forestes and woodes / tyl they cam in to a fayr medow

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